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Pinelands is a small suburb with tree-lined quiet and peaceful streets. It was developed in 1918, in the idealistic models of the International Garden Cities movement. It was the first of its kind. Now it is home to several generations of families, and this is down to the suburb being so desirable that people don’t want to leave.

There is a real community spirit in this suburb and the residents are known to feel safe and secure whilst living here. There are excellent schools and healthcare facilities, as well as some great amenities such as shops and restaurants.

The houses here are all beautifully designed with wooden floors and high ceilings. Prices range here and you can find more affordable options, with some of the larger houses being a bit pricier.

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Things to know before moving to Pinelands

Pinelands was founded on a lot of green space, which means there are a lot of parks for residents to enjoy. The parks are beautifully maintained and are great places to meet friends, go for walks or hang out in the sun. In the area there are also running clubs, a tennis club, Zumba and Yoga classes and horse-riding facilities.

Pinelands is also lucky enough to boost some really good restaurants. Magica Roma is one of Cape Town’s most well-known Italian restaurants. Hog House Brewing company, offers smoked and barbecued meats, scotch eggs, craft beer and bar snacks. Saltwater Grill is a beautiful restaurant that serves excellent seafood dishes.

Education in Pinelands

Pinelands has some really excellent schools in the area for children of all ages. There are three well-regarded public schools in the area which are Pinelands Primary, Pinelands North and Pinehurst Primary. Students can then progress to Pinelands High School that has a fantastic reputation.

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