Claims & Complaints

If you have a complaint, we want to know about it. We take responsibility and take action.

biggles removals claims

We have One of The Lowest Claim Rates in The Industry

Biggles Removals work very hard to ensure every move is a smooth experience. We provide professional best practice training to our movers to ensure all your belongings are protected through every stage of the moving process. Before a move happens, we run through all the possible options to mitigate any risk with regards to your specific move. In the unlikely and rare event that an incident happens, we always put your needs ahead of ours, we are transparent, we are fair, and we do not stop until a resolution has been achieved. We are not super-humans (yet) and sometimes mistakes happen but we bring a much needed fair, transparent, friendly and fresh approach to dealing with any incidents. Our family run business gives you peace of mind in the unlikely event an incident happens.