Service & Cost of Furniture Removals from Johannesburg to Durban

As on of the top Moving Companies in Durban offers an efficient local removal service in Bethlehem , Ladysmith, Newcastle, Dundee, Kroonstad, Welkom, Bloemfontein, Durban & to all KwaZulu Natal destinations as well as weekly Long Distance removal services to all major cities in South Africa. A Professional Durban Removal Team, Closed Trucks, Blankets & Strapping are all included with every furniture removal quote & service that we provide to ensure your furniture & personal effects are protected and secured in the truck. Our dedicated and professional moving teams are included in your free removal quotation and we will load, secure and offload your furniture into its designated position in your new house, flat, townhouse or offices.

Protective Wrapping and Packing

All Furniture Removals have an optional pack and wrap service where we comprehensively pack up your household contents. There is protective wrapping option on all your furniture or only for selected items that you feel maybe fragile or delicate. We have a selection of protective wrapping material that we use which include plastic mattress and couch covers. We provide blankets to help protect your furniture and our teams are coached to respect your personal goods and the protective wrapping option is additional measure to minimise the risk that is in the transportation and load movement when moving your furniture. Therefore we recommend the use of protective wrapping for your furniture on selected items that may be delicate or fragile in any way.

Share Load Furniture Moving Services for Long Distance Removals

This is a cost saving option for our clients. We offer this share load furniture removal option on all major national routes and to all cities within South Africa, You only pay one way and you only pay for the space that you occupy in the truck. All the running costs of the truck and your moving team are split amongst multiple clients going to the same destination as you

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