Overview of Cape Town

Known as one of South Africa’s top tourist destinations, Cape Town presents a vibrant scene filled with the hustle and bustle of city life along with picturesque landscape. Cape Town is a hub for tourists, locals and business people alike to experience culture, food, music and anything you could ever dream of. What’s not to love about lush green natural marvels, warm sandy beaches and unique suburban areas ? Cape Town is famous for its festivities, food and unique blend of diverse people that presents a lovable and memorable mixture that is hard to compete with. Use a trusted moving company in cape town should you want to make the big move.


Cape Town is home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the Word, the beautiful Table Mountain, that can be seen from anywhere in Cape Town.

Cape Town was founded in 1652, by Dutch explorer Jan van Riebeeck.

At midday, everyday, Cape Town’s oldest tradition makes an appearance. A cannon at the top of Signal Gun is fired off at midday, every single day, creating a resounding boom for everyone to hear within Cape Town’s CBD.

4.71 million

Official Languages
With its vast amount of people, Cape Town allows for their diverse population to speak almost all of the 11 official languages. However, the most popular languages spoken by Capetonians are English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa

Cost of Moving to Cape Town

The price of moving to Cape town will vary due to a number of reasons:
• Household Size
• Insurance policy
• What vehicle you will use to move
• Additional services like packing or wrapping your goods
• What time of year it is

We explore in-depth on how much moving companies cost in South Africa?

City Average Removals Cost
Moving to Cape Town from Johannesburg R6995 to R15 995
Moving From Port Elizabeth to Cape Town R8995 to R13 995
Moving From Pretoria to Cape Town R6995 to R15 995
Moving From Durban to Cape Town R5995 to R11 995

Checklist for Moving to Cape Town


As Cape Town is one of the more developed cities found in South Africa, the medical facilities are state of the art and present it’s residence with top notch healthcare services. Some well known hospitals within the city include the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital and the Groote Schuur Hospital, where the world’s first ever successful human to human heart transplant took place in 1967. When residing in Cape Town, you know you are in good hands.


For those traveling with kids or for those looking to start their university journey, Cape Town’s education system presents an ample amount of options and opportunities to further your educational journey. Cape Town offers many private, public and international schools, known for their mixture of top notch academics, cultural events and sports. Cape Town is also home to the University of Cape Town and the University of Stellenbosch, both of which are world renowned universities, known for their amazing academic programs and research facilities.

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Cape Town is known for being one of the larger major cities in South Africa, which means public transportation is widely available, presenting various options to meet every local and international traveller’s needs. Some of the more popular modes of public transport include:

● Uber/Bolt: Uber has become the most recognisable form of public transport in South Africa, widely used by students, tourists and business people alike. Uber and Bolt is a reliable service, safe to use and only charges for the distances travelled at that time with no monthly or yearly subscriptions needed.

● Car Rentals: Car rental services are widely available throughout the city, providing different car options to those who are working and traveling on certain budgets.

● MyCity Buses: The MyCity Bus Rapid Transport System (BRT) is a traffic-beating means of transport that introduces an efficient and safe mode of transport to the public of Cape Town. The buses have designated “special” lanes where they can move freely between cars to avoid any unnecessary traffic, ensuring a speedy and safe mode of transport.

● Bicycles: When travelling in Cape Town, bicycles can be seen everywhere you go. People, especially those who live in the city centre, prefer to travel by bicycle, as it presents an efficient, reliable and affordable way to get around the city.

Living in Cape Town

Cost of Living in Cape Town

Here, we will give a brief overview of how much the average cost of living is for such a major South African city, such as Cape Town. Cape Town is known to be one of the more expensive cities to live in South Africa. These average costs are priced to care for an individual living on their own in Cape Town:

Item Price
1l Mil R13.85
12 eggs R30.68
Loaf of bread R13.64
Bottle of red wine R80.00
Monthly gym membership R545.00
1kg Cheese R111.78
Cinema ticket R100.00

Top 6 Neighbourhoods of Cape Town

If you are looking to make the move to Cape Town, then there are plenty of neighbourhoods to choose from. Cape Town offers a large variety of great places to live and each one boasts its own attractions and sights. From more hipster residential areas to palm-tree lined suburbs, there is something for everyone. Below are the top 6 neighbourhoods in Cape Town.

1. City Bowl

The City Bowl is defined by the surrounding mountains of Table Mountain, Signal Hill, Lions Head & Devils Peak.

2. Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is the place to live if you are drawn to an eclectic, arty, creative lifestyle and love the beach.

3. The V&A Waterfront

One of the most vibrant places to see and be seen, the V&A Waterfront is bustling with life and colour.

4. Sea Point

One of Cape Towns most densely populated neighbourhoods, Sea Point is bustling with activity and people on the go.

5. Constantia

Constantia is one of the most affluent areas to live in South Africa surrounded by lush greenery and prestigious housing.

6. Durbanville

One of the most popular areas for families, Durbaville is home to both beautiful scenerey, great schools and numerous amenities.

#1 City Bowl

The City Bowl got its name due to its natural dome-shaped area. It boarders Table Bay and is defined by the mountains of Lion’s head, Table Mountain, Signal Hill and Devil’s Peak. The City Bowl is Cape Town’s financial hub and is also home to the houses of Parliament and one of Africa’s busiest harbours, the popular V & A Waterfront. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, hangouts, and trendy coffee shops to be found. The cobbled streets are lined with colourful houses, and it is home to one of the best contemporary and internationally recognised art galleries.

#2 Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is a smaller fishing village located on the coastline of False Bay, situated between the ocean and stunning mountains. Kalk Bay gets its name from the Afrikaans translation of “Kalkbaai” which translates to “Lime Bay”. This is because of the abundance of mussel shells found here, which can be used and transformed to make lime. Kalk Bay is a true gem and is known for its beautiful scenery, fantastic restaurants, and interesting shops. Residents here not only get to enjoy the stunning views, but also have plenty of leisure activites to keep them busy, such as visiting the Dalebrook Tidal Pool, watch a show at the Kalk Bay Theatre or visit The Modern Gallery.

#3 V&A Waterfront

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, known by the locals as “The V&A” is situated on one of the busiest harbours in South Africa. The V&A is one of Cape Town’s top attractions, enticing locals and international tourists to indulge in it’s delicious restaurants and luxurious designer shops. There is plenty to see and do in this quaint little area, which makes it a very popular place to live for families and business people alike. The V&A boasts many attractions such as the famous Zeitz MOCAA Museum, the Two Oceans Aquarium and even has a place called The Scratch Patch where the kiddies can also indulge in some fun activities. A hub for people, shopping, food and music, this neighborhood is one of our top picks for anyone looking to move to South Africa.

#4 Sea Point

Sea Point is one of Cape Town’s most affluent and densely populated suburbs, situated between various popular locations such as Signal Hill and Cape Town’s Central Business District. Filled with dogs, cyclists and runners, Sea Point offers everyone a breath of fresh air with a brilliant view of the Atlantic Ocean. Sea Point is a hub for quirky shops and delicious restaurants lining the streets for kilometers on end, allowing people of all ages to explore and experience new things.

#5 Constantia

Constantia is a prestigious area located in Cape Town, roughly about 15 minutes away from the city centre. Constantia has attracted high end buyers for a long time, most likely due to the larger properties, providing residents with privacy and larger gardens. Residents are attracted by the beautiful vineyards as well as the picturesque scenery Constantia has to offer, such as views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. There are plenty of fantastic restaurants to dine in here, as well as some beautiful bars and wine farms. The houses in Constantia are also something to see and experience, many of which pay homage to the original old Dutch style of architecture built years ago. Constantia is also a very safe suburb for those looking for their forever homes for their family.

#6 Durbanville

Durbanville is a up and coming suburb, becoming more modernised throughout the years while still keeping it’s rustic and welcoming vibe. It’s especially popular with families and older generations due to its quiet and friendly neighbourhoods, with beautiful views and plenty of tree lined avenues. Durbanville is a well-known area, due to the fact that it’s surrounded by vineyards and farms, presenting many fun activities for the whole family to participate in. Durbanville is centrally located, in that it is a stones throw away from anything that you need and not too far away from the city centre. Need help with moving, use our Durbanville Moving Company

Working in Cape Town

Due to the sheer size and population of Cape Town, there are endless of job opportunities for anyone from any occupational background. The average salary for those living and working in Cape Town is R240k. The most popular occupations in Cape Town are Operations Managers, Office Administrators, and Software Developers which pay between R79k and R624k per year.

Cape Town is the economic powerhouse of the region. Like most cities around the world, if you are employed in Cape Town, then you’ll most likely be working in an office environment. For Cape Town, the most important industries to ensure economic growth are real estate, finance, insurance, and office services. Cape Town also profits from outsourcing opportunities such as call centres and support lines.

Accommodation & Property in Cape Town

Cape Town, with its diverse population, offers a range of property options, making it an ideal location for moving companies Cape Town to Johannesburg to operate. Property prices increase the closer you get to the city center, especially near the Atlantic Seaboard and the Southern Suburbs. While property prices in Cape Town are more affordable compared to many other cities globally, they can still be on the expensive side.

The average price in Cape Town was around R1.7 million for a 3 bedroom apartment or a smaller 2 bedroom-sized townhouse. A detached property in Cape Town can cost as little as R1m depending on the area. However, in a more affluent area you will have to pay a minimum of R2,170,000 for the property.