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Some of the moving resources that we offer to get you up and going include:

  • Local and Long Distance Removals to help you get settled as quickly as possible no matter where you’re going.
  • We offer not only residential removals, but also office and commercial removals to help you get your business going wherever it might be.
  • Shared Load Services where you will only pay for the space your belongings require in our moving vans.
  • We also offer packing services to those that just don’t have the time to pack everything themselves.

Some great tips that we can offer to any new or experienced mover is:

  • Never procrastinate. The earlier you start, the easier the entire process is going to be.
  • Create and keep a moving journal. This will ensure that you know where exactly you are in the moving process, what you’ve done already and what still needs to be done.
  • Remember to rest. Resting is just as huge as the move itself. If you are overtired, the process will take that much longer. Remember to take a rest day in between the chaos. Our Moving Company in Johannesburg provides a trusted and top rated service for all your furniture removal needs.

Things to know about Vereeniging

Vereeniging is a city located on the southern side of Gauteng, forming part of what is known to many as the Vaal triangle. Vereeniging is an amazing city filled with culture and history, a great city offering a very simple lifestyle for those looking for something not quite as busy as the big city. As a result, many people choose to make Vereeniging their new forever home. Some of the more popular suburbs people tend to move to when relocating to Vereeniging include Zuikerbosch Estate, Risiville and Fisheagle Estate.

This city offers a great mixture of housing options, and even various commercial areas for those looking to relocate to open a new business or expand their current one.

Explore Vereeniging

History & Education

Just like many other places throughout South Africa, Vereeniging was established through the discovery of coal mines, which allowed many settlers in the earlier years to start and run their own townships. The story of how Vereeniging was established comes from two people, George William Stow and Sameul Marks, who purchased the land where Vereeniging now stands back in 1880. They saw an opportunity to mine coal in order to make a great profit. In those years, Stow and Marks formed the South African and Orange Free State Coal and Mineral Association, and decided to name the area where they discovered the coal Vereeniging, which was the company’s shortened name.

The Education

Due to the city’s size and population, the municipality established many primary, secondary and tertiary educational facilities in order to produce the best scholars they possibly could. Some of the more popular facilities include Vaal University of Technology, Riverside High School, Suiderlig High School, Oliver Lodge Primary School and Vereeniging Gymnasium.

Economy & Attractions

Vereeniging is known for being the capital of all trading and manufacturing industries, known for producing various tools, equipment and resources that are shipped and used all throughout South Africa. The city even has its own motto ! Per Pacem and Industrial, which translates to “through peace to industry”. As one of the most important manufacturing centers in South Africa, Vereeniging’s economy is thriving by delivering services and products to the rest of the country. In turn, the city is also well equipped to cater for its own community, producing the materials needed to improve the city in every aspect possible.

The Attractions

The top attraction that is visited by many each year is the Jabulani Butterfly Garden. This is a great activity to enjoy for the whole family. Here you will be able to stroll through the flight house to experience the beauty and delicacy of these small little creatures. Make sure to remember your camera. If you’re someone who can never turn down an antique collectible, then make sure to stop at De Kraal Antiques and Collectibles, where you will be able to take a trip down history and maybe even score some hidden gems. Other top attractions to put on your bucket-list include the Vaal Dam, the Maccauvlei Golf Club, the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve and the Sharpeville Township and Memorial.

Most Requested Moving Locations Nearby

Local Suburbs Nearby:

  • Zuikerbosch Estate
  • Risiville
  • Fisheagle Estate
  • Arcon Park and Proper

Local Suburbs Nearby: