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Things to know about Vanderbijlpark

Vanderbijlpark is known as an industrial city, housing over 95 000 residents and is situated next to the Vaal River just south of the major city of Johannesburg. Unlike its neighbouring cities, Sasolburg and Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark did not start as a gold-mining city, but rather a residential area especially for those families working within the steel industry. Currently, Vanderbijlpark park is home to Vanderbijlpark Steel (previously known as the South African Iron and Steel Corporation), as a subsidiary of the Global Company ArcelorMittal.

If you’re looking to move to Vanderbijlpark, whether for work or play, you will notice that they have divided the city into four residential blocks, namely: CE – Central East, CW – Central West, SE – South East and SW – South West.

Within these districts are various amazing suburbs to choose from, each with their own distinct look and welcoming community members. Even though Vanderbijlpark is known for its role in the steel production industry, the city is lined with large, beautiful homes and tall green trees. This gives off the feeling of a very luxurious and tranquil city, offering you the peace and quiet that many major South African cities don’t. However, if you are still a city-lover at heart, the great city of Johannesburg is luckily only an hour’s drive away.

Explore Vanderbijlpark

Economy & Attractions

Due to the history of Vanderjilpark, it’s understandable to think that currently over 60% of the residents currently residing in Vanderbijlpark are employed in factories and in various industrial areas. The rest of the population receives their income by working for private businesses, within the service sector or for the Government.

The Attractions

One of the main attractions located in Vanderbijlpark is the popular Emerald Animal World. This attraction was established in 2001 and is visited every year by thousands of local and international bodies. Next, when moving to Vanderbijlpark or even just visiting the area, the entire family needs to visit the indoor aquatic attraction, Aquadome. Here, the entire family can spend hours and hours enjoying indoor water rides and activities. And if you’re someone who wants to spend some time learning about the history of the town, then make sure to stop at Sylviavale Heritage Village. Other amazing attractions that are definitely worth the visit include dining at Breeze, the Emerald Casino, Sharpeville Memorial, Animal World Game Park and Zoo, and the Bongani Mabaso Eco Park.

History and Education

Vanderbijlpark was established by a young South African scientist, Dr HJ van der Bijl, who was at that time living and working in America. After a time, he was called back to South Africa by one of our Prime Ministers to help with the development of South Africa’s industrial industry. HJ was brought back to build a large steel works town and the town began operating in 1947. With more and more residents moving to this new steel works operation, Vanderbijlpark was eventually established as it’s own town in 1949 and attained it’s municipal status in 1952.

The Education

Vanderbijl park, for the amount of residents it holds, established over 20 primary schools and 8 high schools to ensure that every child receives the education they deserve. Some of the more popular schools located in Vanderbijlpark is El Shaddai School, Vaal Primary School, Suncrest High, The Vaal High School and Santa Maria Junior School.

Most Requested Moving Locations Nearby

Local Suburbs Nearby:

  • CE – Central East
  • CW – Central West
  • Sharpville

Local Suburbs Nearby:

  • SE – South East
  • SW South West
  • VaalPark