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Things to know about Randfontein

Randfontein, known by locals as a gold mining city, is located about 40km outside of Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province. With over 140 000 residents currently living in Randfontein, it’s become a popular residential area for those looking to start a new life in Gauteng.

Randfontein primarily serves as an industrial and residential area for those working in and around the city of Johannesburg, and as a result, the city has been growing and developing every year to become a self-sustaining city of its own. When moving to Randfontein, the most popular residential suburbs located within the central area include Eike Park, Greenhills, Randgate, Randpoort and Finsbury

Explore Randfontein

Economy & History

Due to the amount of gold hidden within the grounds of Randfontein, a mining financier by the name of JB Robinson bought the land back in 1889 and established the Randfontein Estate Gold Mining Company, due to the income opportunities the land had presented. Only in 1890 did more and more settlers move to Randfontein to create and form a town of its own. When the population of the town just kept growing, the community came together and formally proclaimed Randontien as a city in 1929 by establishing their own municipality.


When it comes to Randfontein’s economy, there are three main factors that play a huge role in supporting the town and it’s community. The first is mining. Due to being known as a gold mining city, many mining companies established themselves in Randfontein to dig up any amount of gold pieces or flakes they could find. The most popular mining area in Randfontein is known as the Cooke Section. Another great economic contribution located in Randfontein is Aureus, an industrial area housing popular brands such as Nola, Tiger Brands and Aranda.

These companies produce enough goods to distribute far across South Africa, bringing in a steady stream of income for Randfontein. Lastly, Randfontein is known for its business opportunities that are based in technology. Till this day, many current and new business owners choose to open or expand their businesses in Randfontein, especially if they deliver any technological services. Interestingly enough, Randfontein has the fastest broadband access in South Africa.

Attractions & Education

Due to the size of the town and the population it houses, the community came together to form a solid foundation of educational facilities, dedicated to helping every single child to become the best scholar they can possibly be. Some of the most popular schools located in Randfontein include Barachel Christian Academy, Laerskool Randfontein, Riebeeckrand High School, PLG Greenhills Academy and Avianto Estate Private School.


When it comes to attractions, Randfontein will never disappoint. One of the main attractions that is unique to Randfontein is the Randfontein Bird Sanctuary. Here, you will see over 120 different species of birds that either migrate over the area or have made Randfontein their new permanent resident. If you’d like to see even more of South Africa’s beautiful wildlife, make sure to visit the Krugersdorp Game Reserve, where you can witness our beautiful animals in their natural habitats, take a relaxing game drive or enjoy the beautiful golden sunset. Other popular attractions include Randfontein Golf Club, the Randfontein Botanical Gardens and the Lemon Tree Organic Market.

Most Requested Moving Locations Nearby

Local Suburbs Nearby:

  • Randgate
  • Eike Park
  • Greenhills

Local Suburbs Nearby:

  • Randpoort
  • Finsbury
  • Aureus