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Do you have a liking for variety? Or do you love the view of the Sea? There is a place for you in the town of Langebaan found in the Western Cape province of South Africa. This town is positioned at the eastern shore of the Langebaan Lagoon. Langebaan offers to its visitors a clear view of sea water due to its closeness to the Langebaan Lagoon. The town also has a few attractions like beaches, a golf club and others, giving its residents or visitors a feel of nature and relaxation. Use our trusted large or mini movers in Cape Town should you want to move to CT. We also offer storage units in Langebaan.

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About Langebaan and it’s History

Langebaan is a really wonderful place to be. How did this beautiful place begin? The town dates back to over four hundred years and ranks as one of the oldest towns of South Africa. At one time in history, Langebaan provided a safe haven for captains of ships to navigate the feared Atlantic Ocean. Due to its lack of fresh water, it discouraged habitation of shipmen. In the twentieth century, the town grew from being just a whaling station to being a tourist attraction. It experienced great growth in infrastructure in the later part of the 20th century. Modern Langebaan is situated near the popular West Coast National Park, close to the rich Saldanha Bay and about 28 kilometers from Vrendenberg. Currently, the economic growth rate in the town is no longer news. This is as a result of increased economic activities in and around the town. The town has become a popular commuter city and is experiencing a growth rate in the number of its permanent residents. Most of the economic revenue in the town is generated from real estate. Barely an hour’s drive from Cape Town, the idyllic setting of the Langebaan Lagoon greets visitors with its azure waters and white, sandy beaches. Stretching for 17 km, it is a purely saltwater lagoon. Early indigenous inhabitants were Khoihoi and San with Vasco da Gama’s landing at St Helena Bay in 1497 the first of European settlers. Historically the area and the five islets in the area served diverse roles, from smallpox quarantine stations to storage for whale oil and seal pelts.

Popular Schools & Things To Do in Langebaan

The cost of living in Langebaan is on the increase. This is a result of infrastructural developments leading to an influx of people into the area. The cost for rents is also on the increase. However, this is a good place to be if you have a feel for the life around. Some popular locations within the town are; • Windstone Horse Riding • Windtown Watersports Center L… • Oliphantskop Horse Trails • Cape Town Carnival • Sport Helicopters • Cape Sidecar Adventures • Green Point Urban Park • Coastal Kayak • Green Point Lighthouse • Thandeka Horse Riding • Oliphantskop Horse Trails • Elands Bay Rock Art Cave Just to mention a few. Langebaan has a good number of public schools and private schools. It is well equipped to guarantee good education for its residents. Some reputable schools are the Langebaan Primary School, Longacres Private School, Curro castle Nursery School and few others. The town also provides some sporting centers where you can find leisure. With an archery center at thali thali, a lagoon for sea lovers, good kiting space, diving opportunity, a golf course, wide area for biking and lots more the town is ready for the leisure lover.

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Local Suburbs Nearby:

  •  Middedorp
  • Langebaan Country Club
  • Myburgh Park
  • Langebaan lagoon

Local Places Nearby:

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  • Blue Lagoon
  • Paradise Beach
  • Mykonos
  • Long Acres