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Moving Companies (Durban): Hire Biggles Removals

Biggles is one of the most reliable and affordable moving companies in Durban. We are ready to assist you with all of your relocation and moving needs, with a variety of useful packages for your benefit. Whether you need to move a few valuable antiques, or your entire four-bed-room home, Biggles has you covered. We strive to make the moving process a breeze.

Get a free quote online from Biggles Removals and start preparing for your big move today. There’s no time like the present, and it’s better to be over-prepared than to leave your planning to the very lastminute. Have a chat with one of our moving consultants and let us assist you in moving today!

Moving Companies Durban: Everything You Need To Know About Your Local Movers

Moving can be both an exciting adventure and a stressful ordeal. In between packing up your belongings, carting them away and unpacking again, you might find yourself overcome with moving anxiety. This is why it’s a good idea to enlist the help of one of the many reliable moving companies Durban has to offer. Biggles Removals offers a variety of affordable moving packages to accommodate for your every relocation need. If you’re located in the Durban area and are planning on moving across the country, or merely down the road, why not hire Biggles Removals to handle the job for you?

Moving can be stress free when you hire the professional assistance of one of the best moving companies Durban has on hand. Biggles has your back, and we strive to give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to relocating. Read through this quick guide on everything you need to know about your reliable local movers.


Hiring Moving Companies: Durban

Hiring one of the many moving companies Durban has available is a great way to alleviate the stress of relocating. When you leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, you’ll be able to spend your time focusing on a fresh start. With Biggles Removals, you won’t have to worry about the finer details of moving your belongings. With a variety of options available to you, even the packing and unpacking can be handled on your behalf. Whether you’re relocating out of Durban, moving into Durban, or even just setting up down the road, Biggles has your back.


Moving Companies Durban: What Biggles Removals Can Do For You

If you’re worried about what hiring a moving company would cover, take a look at this list of all the options Biggles has available for you. As one of the best moving companies Durban has to offer, Biggles can cover all of your specific moving needs. From a completely hands-on option to a simple mini mover, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for when you enlist the assistance of Biggles Removals. Here are a few convenient Biggles Removals options to browse through when planning your move.

1.Packaging Materials For Your Benefit:

Biggles Removals will not only assist you with your move, but will also supply the necessary packaging materials should you require them. Packing up your belongings, whether you’re moving a small apartment or a larger home, requires a variety of packing materials. Some items are more fragile than others and will require extra care. Fitting belongings into boxes isn’t always easy, and having a variety of shapes and sizes on hand will greatly benefit you during the packing process. Biggles offers everything from moving boxes and bubble wrap to couch and mattress bags, clingwrap, tape and much more. If you’re unable to get your hands on the right packaging materials yourself, there is no need for concern. Biggles will be able to provide you with everything you need to complete the packing process effectively.

2. Packing And Unpacking Your Belongings:

If you aren’t up for packing and unpacking your belongings yourself, you’re in luck. Biggles offers a packing and unpacking service where our professional movers will pack up and unpack your belongings for you. You won’t need to lift a finger when you leave the packing process to the professionals. Here, at Biggles Removals, we provide three convenient packing options. You can choose the full DIY process where you will handle the entire packing and unpacking yourself. Alternatively, you can choose the Part Packing service or the Full Packing service depending on your preference. As one of the most accommodating moving companies Durban has to offer, Biggles will do our best to give you exactly the service you need for a stress-free moving experience.

3. Full Value Insurance For Valuables:

Proving once again that we’re the best option when choosing from the many moving companies Durban has to offer, Biggles offers industry leading Full Value insurance to give you some financial peace of mind. When it comes to moving your most precious belongings, it’s a good idea to get those belongings insured. With Biggles Full Value insurance included in your quote, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are protected during transit. Keep your valuables safe and invest in Full Value insurance when moving with Biggles Removals.

4. Shared Loads For Cost Savings:

This is an affordable option for anyone looking to haul smaller amounts of furniture and belongings. With the Shared Load option that Biggles offers to our clients, you’ll be able to save on costs and enjoy a stress-free move at the same time. The affordable Shared Load option allows you to share a moving van with other individuals moving small amounts, and you will only have to pay for the space that your belongings specifically take up in the van. This option is available for long distance and short moves alike. Anyone looking for a fresh start with a long distance move will appreciate this option, as you’ll be able to move only the most essential of items without breaking the bank.


5. Mini Movers:

Biggles also offers a reliable Mini Movers service. This local mini moving service is accommodating for all budgets and a great option for local relocations. Get your mini move quote online in an instant and start planning your move today. This is one of the many great options to choose when looking through the different moving companies Durban has on hand.

6. Office And Commercial Movers:

Biggles strives to accommodate all kinds of moves, including office and commercial locations. With Biggles removals, you’ll be able to enjoy trusted corporate and office relocation services at affordable prices. Move your office supplies, equipment and furniture both to and from Durban with the help of our top-notch moving specialists.

7. House Furniture Removals:

Biggles also offers home furniture removals at unbeatable prices. When enlisting the assistance of Biggles Removals, you can expect efficient residential and household moving services. Every furniture removal incorporates a professional removal team and a closed truck, along with blankets and strapping to ensure your furniture is safe and secure during the moving process. Put your belongings in good hands and let Biggles removals relocate your furniture at incredible prices.

8. Local and Long Distance Moves:

Biggles offers both local and long distance moves all over South Africa. If you are situated in Durban, you will be able to make use of our services in the area. We will move your belongings wherever they need to go, be it across town or across the country. Let us help you with your large scale relocations and short moving trips alike. Moving your belongings around Durban alone can be difficult, so don’t hesitate to get in contact and let us assist you instead.

9. Man And Van Movers:

The Biggles Man And Van removals service is a flexible, affordable option when it comes to picking the right moving service for you. This option is ideal for smaller moves or partial moves as well as long distance moves. When choosing the Man And Van moving solution, you will be provided with a reputable move coordinator as well as full value insurance for complete peace of mind. Hand the reins over to the Man And Van team and let us make your move a breeze.


10. Storage Units:

If you’re still in the process of finding the perfect location to move to, perhaps you could make use of Biggles storage units. We offer storage units in the Durban area to adequately store your belongings until you may need them. Our storage units are both affordable and secure, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are properly protected. Our team will go above and beyond, by packing and delivering your belongings to and from your storage unit as per your request.

Prepare For Your Move With Moving Companies (Durban): Tips And Tricks

Now that you have a better understanding of some of the reliable services Biggles is able to offer you, it’s time to prepare for your move. No matter what option you decide to go with, these simple tips and tricks will help you adequately prepare for your coming moving day, so that you can face the process, confident and stress-free.

1. Plan Your Move In Advance:

It’s always a good idea to plan your move in advance. Whether your move is a week away or a few months, having a good idea of exactly what your move will entail will save you a plethora of stress when your moving day arrives. Don’t leave anything to the last minute, and rather contact reliable movers immediately. By planning ahead, you’ll be able to save yourself from hitting hidden costs and expensive last-minute bookings. Make a checklist, add the moving date to your calendar and list a detailed inventory of everything that needs to be moved. An inventory will also help movers keep track of everything they’re moving for you, and you can rest assured knowing all of your boxes are accounted for.

2. Collect Packaging Materials:

If you don’t want to include packaging materials in your quote, why not collect your own? Stop by your local stores and inquire on any spare boxes they may be able to give to you. You could also call on your friends and family for any leftover materials they may have from their own relocations. Packing materials can be found all over your home. Anything from newspapers to towels and blankets can be used to wrap up your fragile items to ensure they’re kept safe during the move.

3. Ask For Assistance:

If you’re handling the packing and unpacking yourself, why not call in some reinforcements? Calling in your friends and family to assist you with the packing process will take a lot of the strain off of your own shoulders. Having some helping hands while you’re packing will ensure that you and all of your belongings are ready by the time the movers arrive.

What are some of the popular towns in Durban to move to?

La Lucia

La Lucia is a wealthy suburb that you can find in the norther part of Durban. La Lucia was named after Lucia Michel that founded the sugar cane farm in the region. You will like the Annies Self Catering and the La Lucia Mall here, not to mention you have great accommodation options as a tourist too.


Umdloti is an outstanding resort town that has a small population, but it features incredible vistas. You can find some great places like the Lazy Lizard beach locale or the Bel Punto restaurant right near the shore.


Verulam mostly has people of Indian Descent, and it’s also known for its stellar education provided here. The infrastructure is evolving all the time. On top of that, Verulam has a massive temple, one of the oldest ones in South Africa. You can also go tom the Umdloti River as well.


Overport is a hilly residential area, and like other suburbs here, it has a variety of temples and mosques. It also has a multitude of Halaal eating locations. You can also find a shopping center and hospital in here as well.


Drummond is a small town named after F C Drummond, which was a director for the Natal Land and Colonisation Company. You can embark in the Umgeni Steam train trip which is very exciting, and you can also check the Drum and Bell Country pub and restaurant.


KwaDabeka is very close to a river, and it’s known for being a great tourist attraction. When you’re in KwaDabeka, you can visit the Durban Beach, the uShaka Marine World or the Umhlanga Rocks Beach. Then you also have the Moses Mabhida Stadium as a great destination.

Explore Durban

Durban Economy

Durban’s economy includes the sugar terminal, which is the biggest in the world and became one economic pillar of Durban’s economy, another being the tourism industry. Over the last few years, Durban has established itself as the convention center of South Africa and is now perfectly well equipped for the employment of new residents. Durban has the highest number of rand millionaires added per year of any South African city. Will you like to join these millionaires in this wonderful city? We facilitate long distance moves such as moving from Cape Town to Durban

Durban (the busiest port in the country) is a beautiful city located on the East coast of South Africa, looking out upon the Indian Ocean. The city lies at the mouth of the Umgeni River, which demarcates parts of Durban’s north city limit, while other sections of the river flow through the city itself. Durban forms part of the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, which includes neighbouring towns and has a population of about 3.44 million, making the combined municipality one of the biggest cities on the Indian Ocean coast of the African continent.

Schools and Activities in Durban

There are a number of excellent schools in Durban. For example: Crawford La Lucia, Bechet High School, Pinetown Boys’ High School, Brettonwood High School, Crossmoor Secondary School, Durban Academy High School, Durban High School (DHS), Durban North College, Hillcrest High School, Kingsway High School, Northlands Girls’ High School, Marklands Secondary School etc. The enchanting coastal city of Durban in South Africa is a popular city where people can enjoy all sorts of fun activities for the entire family. You can choose to go swimming or visit a museum, there is never a dull moment on the KwaZulu-Natal coast. The Golden Mile beachfront is a famous destination for joggers, surfers, sunbathers, bikers, water-sports enthusiasts and for those in the mood for a relaxed stroll. If you consider yourself a decent surfer, you might want to try the South Coast for world-class surfing.

Looking to make the move to Durban?

Shared Load Furniture Moving Services for Long Distance Removals

This is a cost saving option for our clients. We offer this share load furniture removal option on all major national routes and to all cities within South Africa, You only pay one way and you only pay for the space that you occupy in the truck. All the running costs of the truck and your moving team are split amongst multiple clients going to the same destination as you. See our local branches that will be able to assist: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, George, Mossel Bay, Port Elizabeth, East London and more.