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Looking for one of the most reliable furniture moving companies in Johannesburg? Our furniture removals company provides a full set of moving services including office movers, house furniture removals, mini moves, packing, unpacking, hoisting, box delivery, protective wrapping, dismantling, storage units, packaging supplies and more. We allocate a dedicated move manager as well as provide industry leading full value insurance for a stress-free move. Located conveniently in Johannesburg CBD, we ensure that your relocation, whether local or national is a smooth and effortless experience using our trusted JHB movers.

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Movers Johannesburg: A Guide to Moving Costs

The checklists, packing lists and build-up of panic that goes into moving can be one of the most daunting experiences to endure. That is why it’s essential to find a moving company that is reliable, efficient, and professional to lessen the load and assist you in making the experience as easy as possible. Biggles offers expert services to suit any move, whether big or small, near or far.

If you are planning a move in and around Johannesburg, Biggles is the perfect choice for you. Biggles is one of the best movers Johannesburg has to offer. Whether you are moving across the country, or simply to a new suburb nearby, Biggles offers budget-friendly services you can depend on. This guide covers all you need to know about the cost of moving with Biggles, along with some great advice to make your move cheaper and help you save money.


Small Moving Companies Johannesburg: How much do they cost?

The cost of moving a flat, house or office is dependent on many factors and can change per move. Most South African movers, like Biggles, calculate the cost of your move by taking into consideration the size of your move (volume), the distance of the move, as well as any special requests or complex items that need extra care.

How much do local movers (Johannesburg) cost?

It is often cheaper to hire local movers than to handle the process yourself. The average cost of hiring local movers in South Africa to move a 2-bedroom flat nationally can start at around R1500 - R2950. If you’re moving a larger house, or travelling across long distances, this number can increase to around R7500 or more in South Africa.

How much do movers (Johannesburg) cost per hour on average?

The cost of movers (Johannesburg) per hour can also change depending on the difficulty of your move, and how many movers are needed to transport your belongings. In South Africa, the average cost of a 2-hour move can be around R1500 - R2500, whilst a full-day move can rise to as much as R7500 - R12 000. If you need extra assistance with packing and packaging materials, the cost of your move can be higher. Get a free online quote on our website for an accurate estimate of your moving cost.


What is the cost of moving heavy items?

Biggles can move heavy items and furniture anywhere in South Africa. Furniture items can include heavy items such as couches, fridges, beds and much more. On average you can expect to pay anywhere from R499 - R5999 to move heavy items and other furniture. This cost is dependent on volume of the items, the number of heavy items, as well as the distance of the move.

How to calculate an estimated moving cost?

The most accurate way to calculate the cost of your move is to get in touch with us at Biggles and request a quote. Alternatively, you can use the following formula to calculate the average cost of your next move:

(Number of hours needed to complete the move) x (Average hourly rate of the moving company) + (Additional services if needed)

When should I hire movers (Johannesburg)?

Hiring a moving company out of season is one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your move. Choose out-of-season months to hire movers (Johannesburg), and try to move from Monday to Thursday during the weekdays. You should receive a better rate from most companies when moving during weekdays and avoiding the busier weekend periods.

Should I book movers (Johannesburg) in advance?

The answer is yes, booking movers (Johannesburg) in advance will lower costs on your quote and give you time to plan and organise the details of your move without the rush. Aim to book 2 months in advance, or even up to 3 months in advance if you are moving around a busier holiday time.


How to reduce the cost of hiring movers:

If you’re moving on a budget, you can be sure that Biggles offers fair prices with a range of services such as long distance moves, full pack large moves, as well as small mini moves, so you are bound to find the service that suits your budget and your needs. Furthermore, here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to reduce the cost of your next move.

  1. Get organised and be prepared: If you have everything ready to go when the movers arrive it will make the whole process faster. As most movers (Johannesburg) charge an hourly rate, being organised and ready to go can reduce the amount of time the movers need to move your belongings and the whole process can be cheaper.
  2. Use recycled boxes and packaging material: Save money by not paying for boxes and packaging material, you can find used boxes from local stores. Save your newspapers for packaging, and use towels and bedding to layer in between breakables. Make sure you don’t use damaged boxes as they can break in transit and your belongings can get damaged.
  3. Clear out the unwanted junk: Getting rid of any unwanted items and doing a good clear out means you will have less belongings to move to your new location. This will reduce the volume of your move, and therefore reduce the cost. It will also give you peace of mind to minimise your belongings and make your home easier to organise at your new location.
  4. Request multiple quotes: Getting multiple quotes is definitely the first step in finding the best moving company to suit your needs. Requesting quotes means you can find the best company to suit your budget. Request a free quote from Biggles easily on our website.
  5. Pack all your boxes yourself: Packing up all your belongings yourself can greatly reduce the cost of moving. Most moving companies offer a full packing service for the easiest and most convenient move, but if you are on a budget and have time to prepare, opt for packing your belongings beforehand to save on costs.
  6. Move what you can on your own: if you are moving locally, or to an area that is not too far away, you may be able to move most of your boxes on your own. Using a moving company to move the large and difficult furniture only can greatly reduce the cost of your move.
  7. For long distance moves, stay with friends and family: If you need to stay over somewhere during a long distance move ask friends and family for help if available. You can save a lot on accommodation costs if you don’t need to book into a hotel.
  8. Cancel internet and TV accounts: If your internet and TV is linked to your old location be sure to cancel these accounts with enough notice. This way you can avoid paying for these extra costs once you’ve moved out.

Should I hire a full packing service when moving?

Choosing a packing service when moving definitely has many added benefits. Biggles moving team is made up of professional and well trained individuals, who will pack your belongings in the best way possible. You are less likely to have items break in transit, and your items will be packed efficiently to reduce the number of boxes you have to move. This could possibly reduce the overall cost of your move, so consider choosing the full packing service for your benefit.

Cheap movers: Johannesburg

If you are looking for a moving service that is affordable and reliable at the same time then consider choosing Biggles Removals, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Biggles offers a shared load service specifically for individuals on a tight budget. Choosing a shared load service means your belongings get put onto a truck with other items being moved to a similar location. Sharing a load means the cost of transport is shared too, and can make your move much cheaper.

This works best if you only need a few items moved and don’t need to take up a whole truck. Although, a shared move could take longer than usual as the trucks need to stop at more than one location. Planning in advance means you can move with a shared load and not be in a rush. Our shared load services are available for moves within all major routes, and between all major cities in South Africa.


Small moving companies: Johannesburg

If you only need to move a few items of furniture or appliances, Biggles offer small move or mini move services specifically for you. Opting for Swiftmoves by Biggles means you will have affordable transport for the few items you need to move. It is a convenient and budget friendly way to move the items you aren’t able to move yourself. These smaller moves use vehicles such as vans, bakkies, and small trucks to make your move as cheap as possible.

Truck movers: Johannesburg

Biggles boasts a fleet of moving trucks that can move large and small pieces of furniture anywhere around the country. If you own bulky furniture that can’t be dismantled, you will need the service of a large moving truck. These items could include the following:

  • Couches
  • Piano’s
  • Dining room tables
  • Bed frames and bases
  • Large bookshelves
  • Cabinets
  • Dressing tables

It is possible to hire your own moving truck if you are opting to move your furniture on your own. Doing it all on your own can be cheaper, but it comes with loads of extra stress and effort. The pros of hiring a moving company definitely outweigh the cons. The following are a few examples.


Pros of Hiring Movers Johannesburg:

  1. You’ll have help with the heavy lifting: Trying to move everything yourself on moving day is nearly impossible, even if you have the help of friends and family. You can easily hurt yourself if you aren’t used to heavy lifting, and you can also damage your precious belongings if they aren’t moved properly. Hiring professionals means you’ll have all the support you need when it comes to loading and unloading the moving truck.
  2. They are reliable: As long as you hire the right movers (Johannesburg), you can be sure your move will happen efficiently. You can trust the moving company will arrive on time and transport your belongings safely. Most moving companies take responsibility for any breakages which can happen in transit, so you won’t need to worry about losing money due to valuables breaking. Your chances of breakages are also lessened if you get professional help with packaging before your move.
  3. Convenience: Hiring movers (Johannesburg) can take a lot of stress off your shoulders, and make the whole experience much more pleasant. Moving everything with the help of movers means you can easily settle into your new home. Moving companies also offer an unpacking service, so your belongings can be unpacked and sorted in your new home for your convenience.

Biggles Removals offer the best furniture and home removals for large homes, small homes, and everything in between.

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We pride ourselves on our reputation. Before selecting a removal company you should always look at their reviews. See our Reviews

Movers Johannesburg Furniture Removal Company for Homes & Offices

No two moves are the same and therefore we offer a full suite of customisable furniture mover services in Movers Johannesburg carried out by our replenished fleet of trucks, vehicles and trailers. From planning and packing to cross country or localised drop offs, we ensure your office or home relocation journey is a smooth and seamless process.

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Our value driven localised removal service in Movers Johannesburg is available in all nearby cities, neighbourhoods, towns and suburbs.

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Our furniture moving company provide dedicated, shared and part loads on all major routes in and out of Movers Johannesburg.

Packing Materials and Boxes

Packing & Supplies

Packing services, packing materials such as moving boxes for sale, bubble wrap, couch bags, mattress bags, cling wrap, packing paper, tape and more.

Additional Moving Services from Movers Johannesburg Moving Company

We provide additional and optional services along with your furniture removal service. Our optional services allow you to tailor make your move to suit your budget whether you are relocating your office, car, pet, apartment, house, semi-detached house or if its only a few items.

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We make moving a breeze with our professional countrywide movers. Receive an instant free quote

Trusted local Furniture Removals Company in Johannesburg near you:

Whether you are moving across the country or between your local suburbs, Biggles offer guided and professional furniture moving services suited to your budget and schedule. Allow our top rated furniture removals company to give you peace of mind throughout your move.

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Biggles Furniture Movers in JHB

Johannesburg Furniture Moving Services

When selecting a moving company in Johannesburg for your local or long distance move, it's important to select a company with a full suite of services and capabilities as well as a top class insurance package which affords you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong en route, the customer is covered. Biggles Removals offers a variety of moving services such as expert packing service, full value insurance, small moves, mini movers Johannesburg, big moves, office moves, shared loads, residential and home moves etc. Our full moving service includes any of the following extras: Packaging, Packing using the best materials, moving boxes, bubble wrap, assembly and re-assembly as well as short and long term storage units in Johannesburg. See our guide on moving to Johannesburg for local attractions, costs and more.

Looking for Cheap Removal Companies?

Using a cheap moving company might be tempting as you will want to be saving costs. However, saving a few bucks now will most probably cause more headache and financial problems down the road. Ensure to read reviews and select a removals company based on their reputation rather than the costs.

What are some of the popular towns in Johannesburg to move to?

If you move to Randburg, you have spacious homes with sizeable gardens. There’s plenty of variety when it comes to apartments too. Randburg gives you amazing destinations like the Delta Park, Eagle Canyon Country Club or the Gautrain. You can also check the Brightwater Commons.


Sandton has become a business hub, but it also has a variety of premium places to live in. Yes, moving to this region can be very expensive, but it can also be well worth the effort. Sandton comes with amazing destinations too, like the Apartheid Museum, Safari Experiences, the Montecasino or the great City Shopping Center.

Rosebank is a very good option if you are interested in dignified, sizeable homes. You are also close to the Zoo and a variety of great locations. When in Rosebank, you can explore the BE.UP park, the great Goodman Gallery, Circa on Jellicoe or even the Gallery Momo.

You have safe estate living and quietness in Bedfordview with plenty of living space too. When it comes to destinations, you have the Ster Kinekor Eastgate, or you can visit the Emperor’s Palace restaurant. The Joburg Theatre is an iconic location too!


We love the Market On Main, which is an amazing clothing and food market with artisanal products in Maboneng. Then you have David Krut Bookstore, an extraordinary and different gallery and book store. Or you can check the Centre for the Less Good Idea, which is an avant-garde theater business.

Northcliff is on a hill, but that means you have an amazing view. Northcliff is very close to the Melville Kopies Nature reserve, and you can also visit the Emmarentia Dam or the Crown Mines Golf Club while in the region.


Upper Houghton has a number of buildings and houses of historic value including King Edwards VII School for Boys. Munro Drive offers spectacular views of the northern suburbs.

Shared Load Furniture Moving Services for Long Distance Removals

Shared loads have proven to be a winner in terms of client ratings and demand for the service. Its saves on cost while improving operation efficiency for our moving company. You only pay for the space you occupy on the truck instead of a two way trip which most moving companies charge for when quoting. All the running costs are split amongst the multiple clients going to the same destination as you. Our shared load services are available going from and to most destinations including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, George, Mossel Bay, Port Elizabeth, East London and more.

4.9 Star Rated Moving Company Movers Johannesburg

Used Biggles Removals for the second time and could not be more happy. Fast, Professional and one of the best services i have received from a company. They provide clear and transparent communication along the way. Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. Thanks to the team of movers who were very careful and friendly.

Leighsa M

Biggles Removals is by far the best moving company i have ever used. They truly care about you and your belongings. The team of movers were absolutely amazing and knew what they were doing from packing, packaging and wrapping to moving our goods with care. Overall, i could not be more happy with the way Biggles conducted themselves and handled our move from start to finish. Thank you.

Thomas G

Our experience with Biggles Removals has been nothing shy of incredible. Never thought moving would be this easy. I just want to say thank you to Carla and their team of movers who moved us from Johannesburg to Cape Town so professionally. Fast, Efficient, Supportive and Careful. Thanks Guys

Mary M


Moving companies in Movers Johannesburg can cost anywhere between R750 and R2995 for local moves. The cost of furniture removals can vary depending on the distance being moved, accessibility, date of the month and square cubic feet of items being moved. 
Trying to figure out whether it's better to hire movers or do it yourself? It will largely come down to budget and affordability to be able to hire movers. We will attempt to explain a few of the benefits of using movers over doing it yourself.
Listed below are some benefits:

- No need to do any heavy lifting yourself which can be tricky if there are stairs or accessibility issues.
- Save on time and money by leaving the planning and professional packing to the movers. They will take care of almost the co-ordination with your approval of course.
- Less risk of damages as you will be in good hands with professionally trained packers and wrappers.

If you would like a more in depth view on scenarios that you might want to do it yourself, please email and we will guide you.

Yes it is. Our moving company has access to the highest quality materials and tools to ensure your furniture is protected at all times. Some basic protective wrapping we use include: Bubble wrap, plastic wrap, specialty boxes, moving blankets, dollies, ramps, tie downs and craft bubble wrap. Our movers have been professionally trained in Johannesburg to wrap even the most delicate of items.

Yes it is safe, however you need to do your research into the company. Research into furniture removal companies includes checking Hellopeter and google reviews, asking the removal company whether they have standard goods in transit insurance and whether they offer All Risk cover. Please also ask the movers if their trucks are bought brand new or second hand, you don't want rust, leaks and other elements from the truck negatively effecting your household contents.
If you would like more information, please email and we will guide you on what to look out for when selecting a removal company.

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