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Looking for one of the most reliable moving companies in Cape Town, Western Cape? We make moving a breeze. Our furniture removals company provides a full office and house removal service including a dedicated move consultant and super-smart moving insurance. Located in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town just outside of the City Bowl, we ensure the your relocation, whether local or national is a smooth and effortless experience using our trusted cape town movers.

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Movers Cape Town: Relocating to the Mother City

If you dream of chasing sunsets, spectacular mountain views, pristine beaches, and meandering between pop-up restaurants in the mother city, you should consider planning your move to Cape Town. There are so many wonderfully unique places in this city, it’s no surprise that countless people are choosing to relocate.

If you’re relocating for work reasons, wanting to be closer to family, or just looking for a lifestyle change, the idea of moving is rather exciting. However, there are a few things to consider along the way. We’re here to guide you through everything you need to know about moving to Cape Town, the best movers Cape Town has for hire, and how to ensure a successful move.


Top 6 Pros Of Moving To Cape Town:

1. The Sunsets:

Something that gives Cape Town its charm is the endless, beautiful sunsets you’ll get to see. No matter the season, the sunsets are something this city has to brag about. If you enjoy an after-work stroll on the beach or a little hike up to Lions Head viewpoint, you’ll have every opportunity to sit back and enjoy the stupendous view.

2. The Beaches:

Another intriguing natural attraction are the beaches that can be found in and around Cape Town. With so many to choose from, you will never get tired of sunny beach days. There are beaches perfect for the more active individual, with fantastic surfing and kitesurfing spots, as well as beaches that are safe for the whole family where your little ones can splash around in the shallow water.

3. The Active Lifestyle:

With so much to do, and so many places to see, both in and around Cape Town, locals can’t help but live an active lifestyle. Even if you are not an outdoor enthusiast, we can promise Cape Town will change that in no time. Living an active lifestyle is encouraged when you live in Cape Town. Here are a few popular activities anybody can try:

  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Surfing
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Scuba diving

4. Nearby Wine Routes And Activities:

The Western Cape is all about wine and is home to some of the best winemakers in the country. There are wonderful wine routes to explore in Cape Town, and if you are passionate, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are only a short day trip away.

5. Meet A Diverse Group Of People:

Cape Town is an extremely diverse city, and people have relocated here from all areas of South Africa. There are also lots of foreigners living in Cape Town so you’ll be sure to meet people of many different nationalities. Discover and explore new places, meeting interesting people along the way.

6. Affordable And Safer Than Other South African Cities:

Living in Cape Town can be slightly more affordable than other major cities in South Africa depending on the lifestyle you live, and is said to be around 3% cheaper than Johannesburg. Although this doesn’t seem like a lot, there are so many added lifestyle benefits to make this move worth it. For someone moving to Cape Town from overseas, it can be a lot cheaper than international cities.

Should I Hire A Moving Company?

Once you’ve decided to plan your move to Cape Town, you might be wondering where to start.

The easiest way to ensure a trouble-free move is to hire the most professional and reliable movers Cape Town has to offer. Biggles Removals are your best choice when hiring movers.

Biggles offers a variety of moving options and packages to suit your needs. Furthermore, we cover long-distance moves from all major cities in South Africa. We have earned a strong reputation for being one of the most careful and trustworthy moving companies who specialise in long-distance moves. If you are searching for movers from any one of these areas, Biggles is the option for you.

  • Johannesburg to Cape Town
  • Pretoria to Cape Town
  • Port Elizabeth to Cape Town
  • Nelspruit to Cape Town
  • Mossel Bay to Cape Tow
  • East London to Cape Town
  • George to Cape Town
  • Knysna to Cape Town.

Along with many more areas from around the country. It’s hard to find movers that suit your individual needs, which is why Biggles is one of the best options. Biggles offers customisable moving services that suit exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need a large-scale move for a big family-size home or a small-scale move for a bachelor pad, we have you covered.


Steps To Take When Moving To Cape Town:

Moving is extremely stressful, and there is a plethora of preparation involved before your actual moving day. Hiring a professional moving company is going to make your move run smoothly, but there are a few steps you need to take to make your move as successful as possible. Here’s where to start.

1. Decide where you want to live:

Cape Towns' residential options are made up mostly of suburbs, and each offers something different. Make sure you research the area that suits you best before you decide on your new home. Do you have kids that need to be close to school? Where is your work situating you? How close do you need to live to the city centre?

Start your research based on your needs, and affordability. Not all suburbs are equal, and some are safer than others. Putting in the research beforehand will ensure you find an area that suits your budget. The great thing about having so many suburbs surrounding the city is that you can easily find something lovely and affordable. It is also incredibly easy to travel into the city centre every day, so you can live in a quieter suburb and still work in the city centre if needed.

2. Budget your move:

Moving can quickly get expensive, so it’s a good idea to get a quote from your moving company and budget for your move as quickly as possible. There are tons of steps you can take to make your move less expensive, such as doing all the packing yourself and sourcing your packing materials. If you need to take these steps, then packing up is going to take much longer. Planning ahead of time will help you complete everything with less stress before your moving day arrives.

By giving your movers (Cape Town) an accurate inventory of your furniture and home size, you will ensure they give you an accurate estimate to budget for. Be specific about certain specialised items which may need to be packaged with extra care. This can save you unwanted additional costs that could pop up during the move.

3. Investigate the cost of living:

Research is going to make your transition to a new home, and new city, as comfortable as possible. Investigate the cost of living in Cape Town before you decide to take the big leap. The property prices in certain areas such as Camps Bay and Sea Point are extremely high, but it’s still possible to find great accommodation in other suburbs. Other living expenses to consider include:

  • School fees
  • Transport
  • Food
  • Entertainment

4. Plan your move ahead of time:

Planning ahead of time with your movers (Cape Town) is going to save you a lot of stress and pressure throughout the whole moving process. Ideally, experts suggest you should start planning your move at least two months before the moving date. If the peace of mind isn’t enough, planning your move ahead of time has many financial benefits too.

Being prepared means your packing will be done as efficiently as possible, saving you space on the moving truck and saving you money as well. Booking one of the many movers Cape Town has to offer, at least one month before your planned move, also means you are more likely to get a better rate than a last-minute booking. Planning ahead gives you time to compare quotes and find the best moving company for you.

5. Consider choosing a full-service pack with your movers (Cape Town):

Choosing to enlist one of the movers Cape Town has available, who offer a full-service pack, is the easiest and most convenient way to relocate. You can leave everything up to the moving company so you can deal with planning your new life in Cape Town instead. If the process of packing and moving is too stressful and doesn’t suit your busy schedule, consider choosing a full-packing service.

The moving company will pack up everything for you, and even unpack your belongings in their rightful place at your new location. You can forget about any heavy lifting or carrying boxes back and forth, and leave it all up to the professionals. Having experienced movers handle all your belongings means they will be packed with care, and specialised items can be moved and packed as safely as possible.

Choosing a full-service pack also means your movers (Cape Town) will supply all boxes and packaging material, so you don’t need to worry about the extra effort of sourcing this material yourself.


6. Research healthcare facilities:

If you are planning on moving to Cape Town as your retirement destination, or members of your family have specialised healthcare needs, it’s a good idea to research facilities in the area you are interested in. Ensure you find a place to live in a close enough vicinity to healthcare facilities if this is a priority for you and your family.

Process Of Moving Day:

Finally, your moving day has arrived and you are ready to start your new adventure. The moving day is often the most stressful part of the entire process, but it can be exciting if handled well. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to make your moving day run as smoothly as possible.

Wake up early: Getting an early start means you will have time to complete any last-minute tasks you need to do before your movers (Cape Town) arrive. It will also give you the time to have a cup of coffee and prepare yourself for the long day ahead.

Pack up any last-minute items: Pack away any essentials you’ve been using up until now, and consider giving away any perishable food that can’t come along with you on your journey. A last-minute check will make sure you leave nothing valuable behind.


Pack up any last-minute items: Pack away any essentials you’ve been using up until now, and consider giving away any perishable food that can’t come along with you on your journey. A last-minute check will make sure you leave nothing valuable behind.

Give the movers a walk-through: Once you’ve greeted your movers it’s a good idea to take them through the house, making sure they are aware of any fragile boxes or specialised items that need to be packed up carefully. You can go over any last-minute necessities together if needed. Warn your movers about any heavy items, and try to label everything as clearly as possible for the unpacking process.

Be present, but leave it up to the professionals: Our staff at Biggles furniture removals are all trained professionals who are experienced at moving belongings with care and taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safe delivery of your items. Be present on moving day, but remember you’ve hired a moving company for a reason, so sit back, relax and let the professionals do their best!

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We provide additional and optional services along with your furniture removal service in Cape Town. Our optional removal services allow you to tailor make your move to suit your budget whether you are relocating your office, car, pet, apartment, house, semi-detached house or if its only a few items.

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What are some of the popular towns in Cape Town to move to?

City Bowl

The houses in the City Bowl have a Victorian style to it, you also get amazing views of Table Mountain. City Bowl is a serene, beautiful, albeit expensive region with lots of stuff to offer. It’s a great idea to check DE Waterkant which is a wonderful trendy area. Or you can visit Devil’s Peak as well as Bo Kaap!

Camps Bay

Camps Bay can be found on the Atlantic Seaboard and it’s a more affordable location. People that love nature will enjoy Camps Bay a lot because it’s so different and unique. Camps Bay has the Mynt Café which a lot of people love. You can also explore the Camps Bay Beach or the Pipe Track.


Aside from being one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the region, Bo-Kaap stands out for its great look. We recommend visiting the Bo-Kaap Museum, and you can also watch the cannon firing at noon. The Bo-Kaap Kombuis gives you access to some of the best cuisine in the region.


Gardens is an inner city suburb, it has lots of activity regardless of the time of the day. What can you visit here? You can take a trip to St George’s Cathedral, The Old Town House, Holocaust Centre, South African Museum and many others.


Woodstock is considered by many to be a very hip neighborhood. This is also a creative hub, filled with co-working spaces, art galleries, breweries and workshops. It’s a great idea to explore the Neighborhoods Market, the Woodstock Brewery, FloGuide, the Imiso gift shop and many others.


Muizenberg is a seaside suburb near the False Bay Coast. It has one of the coolest beaches in the region, the Surfer’s Corner. Aside from the Muizenberg beach, you can also enjoy great views on the Boyes Drive. We also recommend Casa Labia or the St James Beach for a great stroll!

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Best service ever!!!!! Friendly, helpful - made my move so easy!! I will recommend Biggles Removals to every one. Service 12/10.

Milanie H

Very impressed with the service provided, from the quick quoting and email responses to professional delivery of our very heavy solid wood cabinet. Also it only took 3 days for a shared load delivery from Durban to Joburg. Would happily use Biggles movers again.

Telri S

What an effortless experience. The team are very quick with responses, and provide a super friendly service. Will definitely recommend them, and use them myself in future.

Natasha F


Moving companies in Movers Cape Town can cost anywhere between R750 and R2995 for local moves. The cost of furniture removals can vary depending on the distance being moved, accessibility, date of the month and square cubic feet of items being moved. Long Distance Furniture Removals to or from Cape Town, can cost anywhere from R1950.

There are a number of benefits of using a professional moving company over doing it yourself. The temptation to save a few bucks and let your friends do it might cause more harm than good. Listed below are some benefits:
- Save Time and Money
- Professional packers trained for the most delicate of items
- Peace of mind for local and long distance trips
- Safe from injuries or physical exertion
- You are more focused on your new beginnings than on the actual move.
If you would like a more in depth view on scenarios that you might want to do it yourself, please email and we will guide you.

Yes it is safe, as long as you do your research into the company you have selected to do your move. The 1st thing to do is to check on Hellopeter and Google for their latest reviews to ensure they are up to standard. It might be tempting to use a cheaper removal company but this might cause more long term financial difficulties and stress. Also ensure that Goods in Transit insurance is standard for all their trucks. Please also request the condition of their trucks and whether they bought them brand new or second hand. You don't want leaks, rust and other elements effecting your belongings. If you would like more information, please email and we will guide you on what to look out for when selecting a removal company.

We have professional trained movers that use only the best in packaging material to ensure your belongings are kept safe from collection all the way to delivery whether that be in Cape Town or national.

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