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Movers: The All-in-One Guide to Moving Companies

If you have ever moved your home or workspace, you might know the feeling of excitement and exhilaration which comes with it. But, moving is an enormous job, and you’ll know it comes with its own set of stresses and anxiety at the same time. There’s an endless amount of packing and planning and heavy lifting to do which can easily become overwhelming.

This guide is here to take some weight off your shoulders by equipping you with all the tips and tricks for finding the best movers to suit your needs. We will take you through all you need to know about the cost of moving, how to find the best movers, and packing advice you are going to need.

Biggles Furniture Removals is one of the most trusted and reliable movers in South Africa, giving you the most affordable and efficient assistance no matter where you are in the country.


What is the Average Cost of Movers?

The cost of moving is dependent on many factors such as volume and distance. There is a big difference between moving a small bachelor’s apartment compared to a four-bedroom house, and hiring movers can range from as little as R1500 – R50 000. Shorter distance moves are always much cheaper than long-distance moves.

How Much Does a Local Moving Company Cost?

In South Africa, moving a 2 bedroom home of about 60 square meters within the same city can start as low as R1500 – R2950, but this can quickly increase when moving to another city or town. Long-distance moves can range from R6995 – R15995 on average.

How Do I Find the Best Local Movers?

With so many movers to choose from it can be stressful trying to find the right company to assist your move. It’s important to find a moving company that suits your needs as well as your budget. Make sure to research your local movers thoroughly before picking one for the job.

Following these tips below will help you find local movers you can count on to move your furniture safely.

1. Ask around! Get references from friends or family members about reliable local movers.
2. Compare quotes to find movers that suit your budget.
3. Take a look at different movers’ websites and compare customer reviews.

What is Full-Service Packing?

A full-service pack covers all the hard work that goes into the moving process. The movers will do all the back-breaking work from the beginning of your move right through to the end. This means they will pack up your current home neatly and professionally, transport everything to your new home or location, and make sure everything gets offloaded and unpacked without being damaged.

You can even count on the movers to reassemble furniture if needed and put appliances in their proper place. Choosing a full-service move means you won’t need to worry about sourcing boxes and packaging materials, or even disposing of them after unpacking. This is the most convenient way of moving, you barely need to lift a finger.


How to Calculate the Cost of Movers?

You can calculate the average cost of hiring movers using the following method:

  •  (rate per hour) x (hours needed to complete the move) x (number of movers needed) + (travel costs) + (Additional charges e.g packaging materials or additional services).
  • Alternatively, you can use a moving costs calculator.
  •  Some movers have a 2-4 hour minimum charge.

How to Reduce Moving Expenses?

Just looking at some of the costs that go into making a big move, it’s easy to see that it can quickly become more expensive than you might have thought. Following these 9 easy steps can help you cut costs when hiring movers.

1. Recycle boxes and gather as many free ones as you can.
2. Try choosing an out-of-season moving date which could be cheaper.
3. Pack up your furniture and possessions yourself, this will make the “hours needed to complete the move” much less, saving you money.
4. Compare quotes from different movers, finding the most affordable option.
5. Call in friends and family to help out, perhaps together you can move most of your belongings yourself.
6. Declutter and get rid of unwanted items before the movers arrive.
7. Review your contract with your movers, taking note of insurance policies.
8. Find discounts online for moving materials such as packaging tape and bubble wrap.
9. Use linens and towels to package breakables, and suitcases to pack smaller items.