Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Biggles Removals provides answers to the most common furniture removals questions.

On average, a moving company would typically charge between R700 to R2500 per hour. There are other variables to consider therefore its best you send in a quote request with address, date of move, inventory items and any special requirements in order to get an accurate quote.

Having the cheapest moving company is not always the best, however, Biggles Removals provides affordable local moves from R999 and can go up to R3000 per move. Long distance can be anything from R3000, depending on the complexity of variables of the move.

You can save on moving costs with the following tips:

  • Declutter your home before hand
  • Try and be flexible on furniture removal date, moving in the middle month has more affordable rates
  • Try and move the smaller items yourself and leave the larger items to us

Yes we offer shared loads for local and long distance. This has proven to be a real winner in terms of saving costs on the move.

Yes, Biggles Moving company provides new and used boxes for your move. Cost per box comes in around R15 to R150, all depending what type of boxes you need. The small to large boxes can cost between R15 and R50 per box.

Yes, you are welcome to use your own boxes. We just ask that you use quality double walled boxes that will not break along the move. Biggles provides double walled boxes for a safe effective move.