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Overview of Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth known to South Africans as the “Friendly City”, or The 10 minute City” can be found on the south-eastern coast of South Africa. The city of Port Elizabeth is located on Algoa bay showcasing around 40 km of breathtaking and picturesque beaches that compliment Port Elizabeth’s wonderful attractions, residential homes and warmer climate. This superb value-for-money city offers a diverse range of attractions for a wonderful family fun-filled holiday, where historical heritage, magnificent wildlife and cultural experiences makes this the perfect place to start a new life. Use a trusted moving company in Port Elizabeth for all your relocation or furniture removal needs.

Official Languages: Port Elizabeth is predominantly a isiXhosa’s speakers paradise, with over ¾ of the population speaking isiXhosa. Other popular spoken languages include English and Afrikaans

Gqeberha, previously known as Port Elizabeth and warmly regarded as the “Friendly City,” experienced a significant milestone in 2021 with its official renaming. This vibrant city, the sixth largest in South Africa, is perched along the beautiful shores of Algoa Bay. In 2022, Gqeberha continued to flourish, boasting approximately 40 km of breathtaking coastline. This growth has further enriched its appeal, showcasing a blend of scenic beauty, cultural richness, and a dynamic urban environment.


The city was founded in 1820 by Sir Rufane Shaw Donkin. Route 67 is a popular attraction located in Port Elizabeth, where 67 exquisite art pieces can be found, celebrating the life of South Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela.

Port Elizabeth was the chosen city of South Africa to host the 2010 FIFA world cup.

Port Elizabeth is a nature lover’s paradise, where attractions such as the Kragga Kamma Game Park showcase some of South Africa’s most famous wildlife, including the white rhino, cheetah, buffalo and zebra.

Population 1.267 Million

  • Renamed in 2021: Originally known as Port Elizabeth, the city was renamed Gqeberha in 2021.
  • Significant Ranking: Gqeberha is the 6th largest city in South Africa, located in the Eastern Cape.
  • Coastal Marvel: Home to some of South Africa’s finest beaches, it spans 40km along the stunning Algoa Bay coastline, part of the Nelson Mandela Bay region.
  • Growing Population: As of 2023, Gqeberha’s population is estimated at approximately 1.296 million, marking a 1.17% increase since 2022.

Cost of Moving to Port Elizabeth

The price of moving to Cape town will vary due to a number of reasons:
• Household Size
• Insurance policy
• What vehicle you will use to move
• Additional services like packing or wrapping your goods
• Time of year and or month

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City Average Removals Cost
From Johannesburg to Port lLizabeth R6995 to R15 995
From Pretoria to Port Elizabeth R8995 to R13 995
From Durban to Port Elizabeth R6995 to R15 995
From Cape Town to Port Elizabeth R5995 to R11 995
1 Bedroom Apartment Rent: R3,889
3 Bedroom Apartment Rent: R9,910
Basic Utilities: R837/month
Dining Out (Meal for 2): R400
Milk (per liter): R17.69
Eggs (dozen): R19.99
Cappuccino: R28
Moving to Port Elizabeth City

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Top areas to live in PE

Port Elizabeth, known for its sublime coastal setting, offers spectacular suburbs for those looking for a new home. Whether you desire a beachfront residence or a home nestled in the hills, PE has something for everyone. Let’s explore some of the best areas to live in, including Summerstrand, Mill Park, Lovemore Heights, and more.

When choosing the right suburb in PE, consider factors like location, security, budget, schools, and healthcare services. Here’s a quick guide to the top 6 suburbs in Port Elizabeth:

Lovemore Heights

Known as one of the safest places in PE, Lovemore Heights is ideal for families seeking a secure and caring community.

Upper Walmer

Upper Walmer is aUpper Walmer offers a peaceful, rural lifestyle while still being close to essential amenities.


Mill Park, one of PE’s oldest neighborhoods, is known for its peaceful environment, excellent medical facilities, and schools.


Popular with first-time buyers, Lorraine offers a rural lifestyle with easy access to amenities, restaurants, and bars.


Summerstrand is home to an increasing amount of residents, both young and old alike. It boasts a relaxed atmosphere with lots to do and see.


PPinelands is an emerging neighborhood, attracting people with its affordable housing, low crime rates, and excellent amenities.

1. Lovemore Heights

Situated on the outskirts of the city, Lovemore Heights is recognized as both the second richest and safest area in Port Elizabeth. Dominated by the exclusive Lovemore Heights Estate, residents enjoy unparalleled security and freedom. The suburb’s hilltop location offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean, and its strategic position ensures easy access to the city center, PE’s airport, and the idyllic beaches of Sardinia Bay.

2. Walmer

Walmer is another all-rounder suburb, with the city’s airport just a 5-minute drive away and pristine beaches about 10 minutes away. Walmer is considered to be a more upmarket, family friendly suburb, giving off a more laid-back vibe than other bigger suburbs such as Summerstrand. Walmer is ideal for those families who enjoy a scenic walk or picnic, with some added amenities such as the Walmer Park Shopping Centre and the Walmer Country Club. If you’re someone who is looking with a little tranquility, then this is the place for you.

3. Mill Park

As one of PE’s oldest suburbs, Mill Park is a prime location for families, known for its spacious, leafy properties and central location. This prestigious suburb stands as the most expensive in Port Elizabeth, prized for its tranquility and proximity to top schools. The low traffic environment is ideal for outdoor activities, and the presence of St. George’s Park, the country’s second oldest cricket club, adds a unique sporting charm to Mill Park, making it an alluring spot for sports enthusiasts and families alike.

4. Lorraine

Lorraine, popular among retirees and first-time buyers, offers an affordable living option in PE. Strategically located between the central business district and Kragga Kamma National Park, it’s perfect for those who appreciate both urban and natural settings. Lorraine’s proximity to PE’s ‘wild coast’ beaches, including Sardinia Bay and Schoenmakerskop, adds to its allure, offering a balanced lifestyle of city convenience and coastal beauty.

5. Summerstrand

Summerstrand boasts an enviable location right on the shorefront of Port Elizabeth’s renowned beaches, pulsating with the energy of the town’s popular attractions. Home to the annual Splash Festival at Hobie Beach and a favorite spot for water sports at Pollock Beach, Summerstrand is the epicenter of coastal fun. The suburb is also known for the Boardwalk Casino Resort, a bustling hub of entertainment with a plethora of shops, restaurants, live music, and more. Key attractions include the Oceanarium, Humewood Golf Club, and proximity to Nelson Mandela University, making Summerstrand a coveted address in PE.

6. Pinelands

In Port Elizabeth, Pinelands is rapidly becoming a sought-after neighborhood due to its affordable housing, low crime rates, and excellent amenities. It’s particularly appealing to families, thanks to its great schooling options and attractions like the South African Astronomical Observatory and Keurboom Park. Pinelands combines community charm with the conveniences of urban living, making it an ideal choice for those moving to the area.

Public Transportation

There are a number of ways to get around the city. Taxis are used the most in the city for those looking to get around easily, as they are reliable, convenient and quick to get a hold of. There are also minibus options and buses that connect all the suburbs together, which depart from the Market Square Bus Station. The Port Elizabeth Airport is found in the centre and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. There are flights available here that travel both domestic and international routes.

Public Transportation

Even though Port Elizabeth is not at the top of the list when it comes to healthcare in South Africa, the city still offers top notch facilities and healthcare services. The city is filled with excellent private hospitals, state hospitals and public clinics, meaning wherever you go healthcare providers will be able to assist you with any emergency that might arise.

Living in Port Elizabeth

Cost of Living in Port Elizabeth

Here, we will give a brief overview of how much the average cost of living is for such a major South African city, such as Port Elizabeth. Port Elizabeth is known for cheaper living costs compared to other major cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg. These average costs are priced to care for an individual living on their own in Port Elizabeth :

Item Price
1l Mil R16.33
12 eggs R31.73
Loaf of bread R11.91
Bottle of red wine R50.00
Monthly gym membership R316.67
1kg Cheese R105.00
Cinema ticket R120.00

Housing (Rent per Month)

Apartment (1 Bedroom) – City Centre R5 562.00

Apartment (1 Bedroom) – Outside City Centre R5 250.00

Apartment (3 Bedroom) – City Centre R10 766.33

Apartment (3 Bedroom) – Outside City Centre R9 985.00


Dinner for two in a local eatery: R350

Dinner for two at an upper class restaurant: R550

Two movie tickets: R200

One month gym membership: R352

One cocktail at a local pub: R56

One beer at a local pub: R35


Basic Utilities for 85m2 Apartment (2 people): R1332.65

Internet (60 Mbps Uncapped): R566.67

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Working in Port Elizabeth

There are plenty of employment opportunities in Port Elizabeth. The city is strong in hospitality and the industry is thriving. Port Elizabeth also hosts a lot of global sporting events including the World Sevens Rugby, Ironman competitions, the Splash festival and event hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This has brought a lot of employment opportunities to the residents of Port Elizabeth, not just in running the events, but for the hotels in the area and tourism itself.

Port Elizabeth has its own operational port and within just 30 kilometres there is a second port called Port of Ngqura. These are both transhipment hubs for ships along the east and westerly routes around the Atlantic and Indian oceans. This has provided residents with plenty of jobs over the years and still continues to grow.

Accommodation & Property in Port Elizabeth

Recent data has revealed that Port Elizabeth has attracted a lot of younger buyers in recent years. In 2018 the majority of buyers were between the ages of 18 and 35. It was also found that the majority of property owners stayed in their property for around 11 years or more before selling. There are many different property types available in the city, and something for everyone no matter the taste or preference. The most popular type of homes in Port Elizabeth are freehold homes. The average price of a property in Port Elizabeth is R661,552.