Easy Steps & Contacts for Moving House with Utilita Energy

Pay as you go home gas & electricity – with some green options too. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to manage moving house with Utilita as your supplier.

Home electricity & gas with smart pay-as-you-go. Our team has put together this quick guide for moving house with Utilita Energy as your utilities supplier.

Just as important as picking a good removal company, it’s always best to notify your energy supplier at least 28-30 days before you move. And Utilita Energy has specific contacts and steps, whether you want to keep them or switch, take them with you, sign up as a new customer or even arrange a change of tenancy when renting. Here’s how it works:

Moving House with Utilita

One of the most successful “new” energy suppliers in the UK, Utilita kind of changed the energy game when it introduced smart pay-as-you-go gas and electricity options around 2003. For many people, the pay-as-you-go service helps them manage their energy costs effectively – you top-up with a certain amount and then try and stick to that usage, to help you control your usage and spending.

When you’re moving house, you might be moving into a place with Utilita active, or maybe you want to take your pay-as-you-go service with you when you move.

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If you’re currently supplied by Utilita Energy, plan to notify them of your move at least 28-30 days ahead of the time. Here’s how:

Step 1: Notify Utilita that you’re moving house

Phone their dedicated home moves team at 0345 2068 777 or complete the moving out form here. Again, do this at least 4 weeks in advance – it can take some time to set up supply in your new home.

Step 2: Give them all the necessary details

You’ll need to supply them with the details of your current and new address, as well as your moving dates. And then, of course, plan to take and supply them with your closing meter readings at your current address – and, if possible, your opening meter readings at your new home.


New home already supplied by Utilita? They’d love for you to try out their service for a bit, see if you like it.

Step 1: Tell Utilita that you’re moving in

There’s a dedicated moving-in form here, which you can complete with all your details, including your new address and when you’re moving in. You can even supply them with your opening meter readings when you arrive, so that you know you’ll only pay for what you use from that point onward. You can also phone their dedicated new homes team on 0345 2068 777.

Step 2: If the supply isn’t connected yet

If you want to use Utilita but your new home isn’t currently supplied by them, you can get a quote and arrange installation before you arrive on their joining page here.


Although they probably really want to negotiate products and prices to keep you on, if you really want to move without your service the best way is to actually contact your new suppliers and have them arrange the switch for you. Note: It can take up to 21 days to switch your energy supply, and remember that Utilita Energy will need your closing meter readings.


For businesses moving into new premises supplied by Utilita, phone 03330 156 662 for quick assistance, remember that you can manage your account through the app here and you can download and complete this form to ensure your company’s supplied when you move in.

How to Contact Utilita Customer Service UK

Utilita 24/7 Live Online Chat
Phone: 0345 2068 777 when moving home
For general help, phone 0345 207 2000 (Monday to Saturday)
Manage your account online – My Utilita portal here
Email: appfeedback@utilita.co.uk (for help setting up your My Utilita app)

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Additional info on moving house with Utilita


No. In most cases, you leave behind your Utilita In-Home-Device (IHD) that connects to your smart meter at the address. If your new home has a smart meter, there should be a new IHD there waiting for you. You can always double-check with your supplier if you’re unsure.

How can I speak to someone at Utilita?

There are two recommended options for speaking directly with someone at Utilita. First, they have online chat support, which is available 24/7 from anywhere on their website or the site’s help section here. Look for the “chat to us” icon at the bottom of the screen. This will ask you a few automated questions at first, but eventually, you’ll be able to live chat with someone online.

Alternatively, phone Utilita at 0345 207 2000 on weekdays, or between 8 AM and 5 PM on Saturdays. For moving house with Utilita, phone their team on 0345 2068 777 instead.


Yes, you can. We’ve given the steps to do this above. The best way to switch energy providers in the UK is actually to contact your new energy provider and activate your service with them. They will then arrange the switch on your behalf. See, because they want new customers, they are all very well set up to help manage switching you over to them fast. NOTE: It does take around 21 or so days to switch your energy supply over.

Here’s a guide to switching to and from a whole range of UK home energy suppliers.


Yes, you can cancel just by making contact with Utilita and informing them of your decision to cancel. Just note: You don’t want to be without energy, so it’s best to arrange your new supplier beforehand (see the point above). So you’d rather switch than just cancel. And, depending on your agreement with your supplier, note that there might be an exit fee for early termination of your service.

You’ll find guides to how to manage switching to and from a range of UK energy suppliers in our posts on moving home gas and moving house electricity


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