Moving Home Gas Supplier – Your Ultimate UK Guide

Choose your supplier from our list & see their specific steps to easily moving home gas supplier in the UK. PLUS: How to find your gas supplier, setting up and organising utilities in a new home and all the contacts and info for gas suppliers around the UK.

Moving utilities. Choose your supplier (from our list). And all the important contact info you need. Our team is creating this ultimate guide to moving home gas suppliers in the UK, complete with all the specific steps for each individual gas supply company and all their contact details to help make your move easier and smoother.

We also look at how you can find out who supplies your gas, how to change supplier and what to do if your utilities overlap.

What do you do with gas and electric when you move house?

Just as important as picking a good removal company, it’s always best to notify your energy supplier well ahead of the time before you move – see the full guide to moving house energy supplier. And that includes moving home gas supply. Remember that closing the account at your current address and ensuring your supply at the new one can take some time – a good rule of thumb is to notify them at least 30 days in advance.

Now, you’re free to organise your utilities when moving exactly as you need. You can request your current supplier to activate at your new home, adopt the new house’s current supplier or even switch suppliers – it’s all up to you. (In fact, moving home might be a good time to look at the budget and available prices and services, to reassess and see if you’re getting the best service for your needs.)

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We’re creating a complete list of step-by-step guides, with all contacts, tips and tricks, for moving home gas with every supplier in the UK. Choose your supplier below and click to get all the insights:

Moving Home Gas by OVO Energy

Gas. Electric. And ensuring you stay supplied. (PLUS: How to contact customer service!) OVO Energy is one of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK. And there are many options for managing your utilities with them when relocating in our complete step-by-step guide to moving home with OVO.

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Quick contacts: Phone: 0330 303 5063 or 01179 303 100 | Support:

Moving Home Gas by Utilita

Home electricity & gas with smart pay-as-you-go. Utilita Energy is unique among all of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK in that it specialises in pay-as-you-go and top-up energy, which helps you manage your usage and costs quite well. And there are loads of options and dedicated contact channels to help you manage your utilities with them – see the complete step-by-step guide to moving house with Utilita.

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Quick contacts: Phone: 0345 2068 77 | Online live chat:

Moving Home Gas Supplied by SSE

Easy transfers. Managing your service. And all the contacts you’ll need. SSE offers one of the widest ranges of utilities and services – from gas and electric to phone and broadband. And you can organise it any way you please when moving home with SSE.

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Quick contacts: SSE Energy 0345 600 2006 | Broadband 0345 071 9626

Moving Home Gas by Npower (EON Next)

Easy switching. Registering a new home. And taking your services with you. Energy giant Npower recently became part of EON, and will be under the EON Next banner. But it shouldn’t be confusing managing your home energy supply when moving – that’s why we’ve included all the contact details, steps and info you need when moving home with Npower.

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Quick contacts: EON Next (Npower) website: | Email:

Moving Home Gas by Octopus Energy

Greener energy. Moving in or out. And how to go about switching. With it’s awesome green energy promise, Octopus Energy is fast becoming one of the most preferred suppliers in the UK. And with a dedicated dashboard for moving home, they’re super good at helping you move, whether it’s in or out. Get all the info, contacts and links you need in our easy step-by-step-guide to moving home with Octopus Energy.

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Quick Contacts:  Phone 0808 164 1088 | email | visit:

Moving Home Gas by Utility Warehouse

Moving in or out. Easy switching. And taking your services with you. Utility Warehouse is known for its bundles to help lower your monthly energy costs. But note: They have two different methods of contact for moving home as an existing or new customer. Don’t fret, see our complete step-by-step-guide to moving house with Utility Warehouse.

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Quick Contacts:  Phone 0333 777 0777 | Contact form:

Note: We’re still adding supplier info here! Our team is working hard at updating this page with every supplier in the UK. And there’s quite a few, so please bear with us as we systematically go through them all. If you don’t see your supplier here yet but need the info, email us and a consultant will help you:

Find my gas supplier

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The UK’s Meter Point Administration provides a handy service that lets you find out who supplies your gas through your address and postcode. Just enter your details into their online search tool here or phone 0870 608 1524 (calls charged at 7p per minute). You can also get your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) here, which is what your gas supplier needs to pinpoint your location.


Chances are your new home is already supplied. To find the gas supplier at your new home, enter the address details into the Meter Point Association’s online search tool, or phone  0870 608 1524 (calls charged at 7p per minute). Remember that you’re free to choose your own supplier, so, if you want to switch up, phone the new supplier you want to join and ask them to do the switch or you.

To find your electricity supplier, do the same search in the Energy Networks Association’s search system.

Additional info on moving home gas supplier


Yes, you are allowed to change gas supplier whenever you want/need to, if you are the person who has the agreement and pays them directly. Even rental tenants who pay the supplier directly can change gas supplier at any time. But note: There are restrictions on changing suppliers if you owe more than £500 on your gas bill. And changing supplier before your current contract ends could result in early closure penalties.


There are numerous ways of changing or moving home gas supplier, but the boxing-clever way is to contact the new supplier you want to join and ask them to facilitate the change for you. See, it’s a competitive industry, and each supplier wants to secure new business, so they usually have entire teams/departments dedicated to helping you switch to them easily. So you don’t have to do a thing really, they handle the switch for you.


Sometimes you need to move your gas meter to accommodate renovations in your home. But please note that usually you CAN NOT simply move your gas meter yourself. That’s because, legally, only a qualified professional can move the meter. The good news is that your gas supplier should be able to help advise you on this, so give them a call.


What happens if your utilities overlap when moving house? Sometimes your closing bill at the old address overlaps a bit with the opening bill at your new address.And it’s usually when you haven’t given the supplier enough notice time ahead of your move (remember to always give about 30 days’ notice minimum). Hopefully, the bill isn’t that much, but if it is you can usually just phone your supplier and speak to them about it – they should be understanding, especially if you’re retaining them as your supplier.

HOT TIP: When moving on short notice, it might be better to retain the existing supplier at your new address for the first month or so, just so you avoid overlap. You are then free to switch supplier at your leisure once you’re all moved in and settled.


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