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We make moving a breeze. We have designed our unique part load service or shared moving trucks to be more efficient and affordable. Our shared load movers operates on all major routes in within UK including Dorset, London, Cardiff, Basingstoke, Reading, Birmingham and more.

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We make moving a breeze

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Shared Load Moving Trucks & Transport

Biggles Removals provide a shared load transport service on all major routes within UK including London, Dorset, Manchester, Leeds, Reading, Birmingham, Bournemouth and more. Biggles uses our national infrastructure to accommodate a more economical and affordable way to move your belongings from province to province. Part load removals is a better way of transporting household and office items that don’t take up a full truck. Contact us today and make use of our affordable moving services countrywide.

Biggles Part Load Moving Service

Our Shared Load Movers

Biggles Removals offer a full suite of shared load services such as expert packing service, office moves, residential and home moves. Our part load moving service includes any of the following extras: Packaging, Packing using the best materials, moving boxes, bubble wrap, assembly and re-assembly as well as short and long term storage. Share load or part load truck sharing saves you on money and stress, however it might take longer than if you have your own dedicated truck. This is the case because with a shared load of goods, we have to make one or two other drop offs which require us to go in the city which takes time. So although it might take a little longer, we give you peace of mind that your goods are super secure and they are not touched until we get to your drop off destination.

Shared Load Routes in UK

Our shared load service is active on all major routes within UK with London being our most popular destination of choice. Some of our most popular routes include the following:

Looking to make the Big Move in UK?

Local Places Nearby:

  • Dorset to Surrey
  • Dorset to Leeds
  • Dorset to Berkshire
  • Birmingham to London
  • Birmingham to Manchester
  • Bournemouth to Manchester
  • Bristol to London
  • Edinburgh to Glasgow
  • Edinburgh to London
  • Glasgow to Manchester
  • Leeds to London
  • Liverpool to London
  • London to Belfast
  • London to Birmingham
  • London to Brighton and Hove
  • London to Bristol
  • London to Cardiff
  • London to Edinburgh
  • London to Exeter
  • London to Glasgow

Local Suburbs Nearby:

  • Dorset to Bouremouth
  • London to Leeds
  • London to Leicester
  • London to Liverpool
  • London to Manchester
  • London to Newcastle upon Tyne
  • London to Oxford
  • London to Reading
  • Manchester to Birmingham
  • Manchester to Bournemouth
  • Manchester to Glasgow
  • Manchester to Leeds
  • Manchester to London
  • Manchester to Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Manchester to York
  • Newcastle upon Tyne to Manchester
  • Oxford to London
  • Reading to London
  • York to Manchester

Full Service Moving Company

Our full set of customisable moving services providing help with moving of offices and homes of all sizes.

National Furniture Removals

Whether you are moving to or from Cape Town, Basingstoke, Reading, Portsmouth or Cardiff our branches near you will be able to assist.

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“The team at Biggles Removals took all the stress away from moving our home across country. Excellent service, helpful, friendly and affordable! Thanks guys, cannot thank you enough”

George Myers

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We make moving a breeze

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