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The town of Pontypridd, often referred to as “Ponty” is a quick 12 miles out of Cardiff, the city center of Wales. Pontypridd developed as a community due to the coal and iron mining industries during the 18th century. The town itself is still a hub of activity with various businesses and trades happening daily. It also has great transport and commuting routes available to residents, with their being able to hop on a train or a bus and journey to a vast number of destinations in Wales.

Pontypridd also has an active sporting community with sports such as rugby, swimming, bowls and racing being among the favourites. There are quite a few famous and interesting people that originated from Pontypridd, namely Chris Slade who was the drummer for the band AC/DC, the actress Kimberley Nixon, Ian Watkins of the band The Lost Prophets and even the world famous singer Tom Jones.

Pontypridd is a peaceful place to live with loads of history and culture. Close enough to all amenities and larger, busier areas, while maintaining a bit of a quieter lifestyle.

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Explore Pontypridd

Things to do in Pontypridd

Pontypridd is brimming with rich history, beautiful parks and museums to explore. A few to remember and make sure you stop into are the Welsh Mining Experience, where you can learn about the start of coal mining and experience firsthand what it was like to work in the mines, as you enjoy a guided tour through one of the old mine shafts, by a coal miner.

There is also the Pontypridd Museum which provides a wonderful in depth look into the town when it first began and how it developed to where it is today. There are beautiful artifacts and remnants to look at as well as artwork and a train model that the kids love.

Get a great feel for the history of this lovely town through a visit to this must see spot.

For a sunny day out be sure to put your costume on and dive in at the Lido Ponty local Pool, open to the public and all ages. This pool boasts a toddler friendly pool, splash pool, activity pool and a larger pool for older ages.

Schools in Pontypridd Wales

Pontypridd has some fantastic schools available both in the area as well as outside of the area. There is the Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Pontsion Norton School, which is a primary school that has been rated outstanding and 5 stars. There is also the Heol-Y-Celyn Primary School, which has also been rated as being very good.

For secondary students there is the Pontypridd High School in town or the Hawthorn High School, both of which have been rated as very good schools.

There are various Universities and colleges on offer for students seeking to further their studies. There is Cardiff University on offer as well a number of campuses for the University of Wales.

For Primary School, Secondary School, College and University there are some fantastic options available to students of all ages, curriculums and requirements. You are sure to find your perfect fit in and around Pontypridd and get the right start to your education.