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The town of LLandrindod is known as a spa town and is famous for its wellness facilities as well as beautiful hotels. This is due to the springs found here that are rich in minerals since the 18th century. This attracted many visitors as well as residents as the springs waters were considered to be “healing waters”.

Llandrindod is described as a lovely place to live and raise a family and enjoy a much more relaxed way of life. The town has a bustling trade in the hospitality industry as well as the motor racing industry. Many international motorcycle events have been held here and it has become a booming hub for tourists, especially during the May to September season. The town also has all the regular amenities, such as Tesco, Greggs, Spar and an Aldi and also holds an open market once a week.

There is also a Llandrindod Wells Victorian Festival held every year, where tradition is kept alive in the form of food, entertainment and shows.

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Things to do in Llandrindod

Llandrindod offers a variety of things to do for all ages, from golf courses to spa’s to museums. A few noteworthy options are the National Cycle Museum where you can see how bicycles were originally made and have changed over the years, for an avid cycler this is a must see. The Radnorshire Museum offers up all kinds of artifacts and remnants of local history dating back to the Roman times and when this town first originated.

If a fun day out with the family is what you desire, then be sure to visit the Quackers play park for both indoor and outdoor adventure. There is a go-kart track, and an indoor soft play area suitable for all ages, you are also allowed to pack and take in your own food. The Llandrindod Golf Course is also well worth the visit for an exhilarating 18 hole that has some challenges for its players.

Schools in Llandrindod

Llandrindod has some great schools on offer for all ages. Some to take note of is the Crossgate County Primary School, Franksbridge County Primary School, the Llanbister Community Primary School and the First Steps Nursery, all of which have been rated as Outstanding and received 5 stars. Your little ones are sure to receive the right start at any of these prestigious institutions.

For high school goers there is the Ysgol Calon Cymru Llandrindod Campus, the Ysgol Calon Cymru Builth Campus and even 2 driving schools for those wanting to get behind the wheel.

Schooling in Llandrindod offers students a great experience and start to their educational journey.