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Cyncoed is situated in the north east of Cardiff, Wales, and is known as being one of the most expensive places to live in Wales. With some of the highest property prices in the country, Cyncoed boasts beautiful views and a highly sought after location.

Cyncoed has many great amenities available to its residents as well as the Cardiff Bus services that run daily, making travel to and from this neighbourhood quick and easy. Cyncoed is a stone’s throw away from Cardiff, making it the reason why this town is so popular and in demand for those who live here and want to live here. With Cardiff itself having everything under the sun that one could possibly require, residents on Cyncoed are always spoilt for choice with anything and everything on offer to them.

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Explore Cyncoed

Things to do in Cyncoed

Cardiff Bay is an absolute must for both residents and visitors in Cyncoed, as the waterfront has tons of shops, cafes and restaurants to choose from. For a brisk walk out in the sea air and a delicious bite to eat, Cardiff Bay can easily keep you busy for an entire day.

Cardiff Castle is also something to be seen as you can walk through the castle itself and take in the remains and refurbishments of a history that spans over 2000 years. There is an entrance fee payable upon entering the castle, which is well worth it once you’re inside and experiencing this stunning building.

For cyclists, which is a very popular sport in Wales, there are loads and loads of trails to choose from in Cyncoed alone. The Road Through Draethen is a stunning trail, with 2 great pubs that you can pop in at en route. Taff Trail and The Mad Mile are also two favourite spots among cyclists for a gorgeous day out in nature.

For those with a sweet tooth we highly recommend a visit to Brod café and bakery, for some of the very best pastries and sweet treats in the whole of Cardiff.

Education and Living in Cyncoed

Life in Cyncoed is both beautiful and bustling. From upmarket housing and retail to hands on first World healthcare and Education, Cyncoed is the place to settle and start a life or a family.

Cyncoed also has some brilliant schools on offer, such as the Birchgrove Primary School, Coed Glas Primary School, Cathays High School and many others, all of which have been rated as outstanding. This in itself is quite a feat to have achieved in the education system.

For further education there is of course Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cyncoed Campus, University or Swansea University nearby, both with numerous courses available to students. Students can reside either on campus, drive or catch a bus on and off of campus as they pave their way to the future.