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Reigate is a town found in Surrey and is around 30 km south of central London. It is situated between the capital and the rural countryside making it a hot spot for commuters. Reigate is found at the foot of the North Downs and has been a market town since the medieval times, even having its own medieval castle.

Reigate has some fantastic transport links with trains that can take you into London Victoria in under 40 minutes and London Bridge in just 20 minutes. The area has easy access to both the M23 and M23, connecting Reigate to both London, but also more southern towns, including Gatwick where you can find one of the biggest airports in England Gatwick Airport which is just a 15-minute drive away or catch a train which takes 20 minutes. Reigate residents also benefit from easy transport links to the seaside town of Brighton, which is a fantastic day out and has great attractions and nights out.

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Things to do in Reigate

Reigate has a well built-up high street with an abundance of restaurants, from family favourites such as Wagamama’s, Nando’s, Bill’s and Giggling Squid, to less known independent restaurants, there is many to choose from. There is also some fantastic shopping to be done at Reigate, with an array of boutiques on offer, but also your usual high street favourites and essentials like Boots.

Reigate has its very own ruined Castle, which was built in the 12th century by William de Warenne, the 2nd Earl of Surrey. The area used to be renowned for trading oatmeal, and there was a dozen or so mills in the area during this period. Today only two remain but they are beautiful to see. Reigate is also famous for its caves, which are historical sand mines that go beneath the town centre. You can get guided tours here, which makes for a great day out if you like learning about history.

There is a lot of green space in Reigate including the stunning grounds at the Reigate castle, but also Priory Park, where you can find playgrounds, a slate park, a beautiful pond and even sports courts. Reigate Hill offers visitors beautiful views for miles and glorious trails.

Schools and Education

Reigate is a great place to live for families due to the number of schools it has in its area, state and independent. Reigate School, Reigate Priory School, St Marys, Hatchlands Primary, Holmesdale Community Infant School and St John’s Primary are all outstanding state schools in the area. For private schools there is Reigate Grammar and Dunnotar Schools.

Reigate college is a fantastic further education institute that has many courses to choose from for students aged 16-19. As Reigate is so well linked to Brighton, Brighton University is a wonderful university in a commutable distance. Other universities close by include Royal Holloway, City of London, and the University of Surrey.

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Cost of living in Reigate

There is a wide range of property available in Reigate, from Victorian cottages and Edwardian semis to more contemporary flats and new builds, there is something for everyone. The overall average price of properties in Reigate over the last year was £614,491. Most of the sales during that time were for semi-detached properties that fetched an average price of £563,595. Detached properties were sold for an average of £987,443, whereas flats in the area went for an average of £326,021. Sell prices in Reigate have increased by 11% compared to the previous year.