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Eton is a town found in Berskhire, situated on the opposite bank of the River of Thames than Windsor. The town is more widely known for the highly respected school, ‘Eton Collage’, where a lot of famous people have attended, including many of the Royals. Eton is a picturesque town, with a main street that has remained the same for many years. The town is full of historic scenery and monuments, which makes it a very desirable and beautiful place to live.

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Things to do in Eton

There is plenty to do around Eton, with there being a lot of culture in the town. Visit Eton collage or the Natural History Museum or just take a stroll down the River Thames. With Windsor just a stones throw away, the Windsor castle and the beautiful surrounding area is popular with Eton residents to visit regularly. There are plenty of restaurants and pubs around Eton and the Windsor shopping centre is very close. Surrounding Eton, there are some great larger attractions such as Legoland, which is a 10-minute drive and Thorpe park which is half an hour away.

Benefits of moving to Eton

Eton is a beautiful place with a lot of culture, connections to the Royal family and some fantastic scenery. If that isn’t enough to make people want to live there, it is also extremely well connected to Central London and other desirable places like Richmond and Staines. With good connections to the M4, Heathrow is only 20 minutes’ drive away and on the M25, Reading is only 30 minutes away.

As mentioned before, Eton is famous mainly because of the highly prestigious school ‘Eton College’. However, there are many other outstanding schools in the area too such as Hilltop First, St Edward’s Catholic First, The Windsor Boys and The Windsor Girls. As Eton is so well connected, there are plenty of universities and further education institutions around, including Brunel University, Royal Holloway and Buckinghamshire University.

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Cost of living in Eton

The property types in Eton range from actual castles to Victorian terraces. This makes it one of the most expensive places to live in the UK. The average price of a home in Eton stands at a staggering £826,132. Flats in Eton are sold at an average of £1,093,014 and terraced houses for £588,152. Property prices have risen by 16.98% in the last 12 months according to Zoopla, which means it is a great place to buy and sell.