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Biggles Car Transport Division offer safe, efficient and faster vehicle delivery services throughout UK. We offer a national vehicle & car carrier service which includes Cardiff, London, Bristol, Birmingham and more. We provide car deliveries and collections for dealerships, private customers, door to door or even if you need it transported for repairs. We provide custom car transport service solutions.

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Specialist Car Shipping Services and Car Delivery Company

Transporting your vehicle is safe and easy with Biggles Car Carrier Division. We start off by providing you a free transportation quote for your vehicle(s). Included in the service is a full inspection upon collection and delivery of which is documented and sent to client. We provide you with a dedicated Car Transport Manager who will ensure communication is clear, transparent and regular. Whether its door to door vehicle transport, once off private transportation, motor dealer transportation packages, employee and corporate relocation of vehicles, we have a customise each move to your specific requirements, schedule and budget.

Preparing Your Car for Transportation

If you are new to the process of transporting a car or using a car transport company to collect and delivery your vehicles, then the below points will help you ensure your car is ready to be transported. This allows us to do our job effectively and efficiently. Once you have accepted a car transport quote, we recommend preparing your car as per the below steps.

Cleaning & Clearing: Clear out the car and ensure there are no valuable or personal items left in the car. Any loose items that come with the car, please ensure they are secure. Cleaning your vehicle will help reveal any current scratches/rust etc or lack of. This will help reduce chances of dirt/rubble damaging or rubbing against the paint work during transportation.

Condition: Please make detailed notes of the running condition of the car, any minor detail can be noted. Ensure all liquid and fuel levels are noted prior to transport. Ensure that all minor or major damage to the vehicle is photographed prior to it being transported.

Documents: Ensure all relevant documents are ready by the time the transporter arrives at your premises to ensure a smooth and quick collection/delivery.

How much does it cost to transport a car?

There are multiple variables and factors that determine the cost of transporting and delivering a car such as timed deliveries, time sensitive collections, distance travelled, type of transporter required, the number of vehicles you need collected, vehicle sizes, weight and remote postcodes.

Based on our car transportation experience and movements, the average cost per mile comes to around £2.90 for a delivery under 60 miles. If its over 60 miles, the costs decrease to around £1.10 per mile.

Biggles vehicle transportation checks

Car Condition and Feedback

You have accepted our quote, we have collected the vehicle, we have delivered the vehicle. Now it’s time to ensure you are happy with our service. We encourage the following check immediately to ensure everything is as it was.

Start by checking the basics such as the lights, paint work, mirrors, wheels, rims, brakes, engine, dashboard lights and any other basics you would want to check. Ensure that it is in the same condition from when we collected it. You can then check the mileage to ensure it travelled the expected miles in distance.
And lastly, compare the photos you took at collection to that of the condition the car arrived at the destination. if you are happy with all the checks, we both sign off and we look forward to providing you with more great vehicle transportation services in the future.

Car Transport Moving Plan

  • Dedicated Car Carrier Moving Co-ordinator

  • Affordable Quote customised to requirements

  • Full Vehicle Inspection on collection & delivery

  • Local and Long distance capabilities in UK

Auto Carrier Services Include

  • Professionally trained car carrier drivers

  • Replenished fleet of auto carriers and trucks

  • Door to door vehicle transportation

  • Specialised events and launches

  • Dealership transfers and bulk bookings

  • Car and vehicle storage countrywide
  • Vehicle live tracking and monitoring

Why use Auto Carriers and Move Cars with Biggles Transport

Safe, Secure & Convenient

Biggles Auto Carriers are committed safe and secure car carrying and effective staff training to ensure the car transporting process is simple, easy and stress free. From the point of contact we aim to make it a positive and easy going process.

Our trucks are monitored and tracked 24/7 with regular updates on the whereabouts of the vehicles. Our staff have their company and business id cards on them at all times.

We provide our car carrier services to Dealerships, rental agencies, boat and trailer manufacturers, individuals, fleet management companies and various car clubs.

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Full Suite Car Carrier Service

Our Biggles Vehicle Transport service in UK is not limited to cars, see below our most requested types of vehicles that we transport:

  • Single or Fleet of Cars
  • Golf Carts
  • Boats & Caravans
  • All types of Bikes & Motorbikes
  • Luxury Vehicles, Sports Cars, Showroom Cars or Classic Cars
  • Camping Trailers and Box Trailers

Whether you are a student and needing a car moved or you are moving houses and need a car to be moved to another city, we are your one stop shop for all your moving needs.

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